The Baltimore Ravens are currently dealing with a precarious situation regarding their quarterback position. To ensure the retention of their highly valued quarterback, Lamar Jackson, the team employed the non-exclusive franchise tag before the start of the 2023 league year, which allows Jackson to engage in negotiations with other teams for a contract.

However, despite this move, there has been no interest shown by other teams in signing Jackson, leaving the Ravens in an uncertain position. Moreover, the team has not made any significant progress towards finalizing a contract extension with Jackson, further contributing to the uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position of the Ravens.

Lamar Jackson Trade rumors

It seems that the Baltimore Ravens have been exploring other possibilities regarding their quarterback position.

As per, it has been reported that the Baltimore Ravens extended an offer to Baker Mayfield, the former starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns. However, Mayfield turned down the offer of the NFL team.
The fact that Baltimore Ravens expressed interest in Baker Mayfield is not entirely surprising, especially considering the information provided by ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler on March 15, stating that the team had inquired about Mayfield and Jacoby Brissett.

Subsequently, Baker Mayfield signed a one-year contract worth $4 million with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is expected to take over as the starting quarterback, effectively filling the void left by the retirement of Tom Brady this offseason.

NFL Trade News/Rumours: Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson Trade Inevitable

The Ravens have been unable to make any significant headway in their negotiations with Lamar Jackson regarding a new contract, and neither have any other teams expressed interest in signing him. In fact, Jackson himself disclosed on Twitter this Monday that he had asked for a trade from the team on March 2nd. It’s worth noting that Jackson’s trade demand was made public while head coach John Harbaugh was addressing the media during the annual league meetings.

Lamar Jackson, who was named the NFL MVP in 2019, is set to receive a salary of $32.4 million for the 2023 season due to the non-exclusive franchise tag placed on him by the Baltimore Ravens.

All this drama surrounding Lamar Jackson and Baltimore Ravens hasn’t helped either party—especially The Ravens, who are still scurrying around in search of a quarterback. Many pundits now believe Lamar might never play for the Baltimore Ravens again.