Indianapolis Colts are looking for a new quarterback ever since Andrew Luck announced his sudden retirement. While there are several Colts backup players like Jacoby Brissett and fan favorites like Colin Kaepernick, none of them actually makes any sense. Brock Osweiler is one of those names who fit the quarterback criteria better and is also currently a free agent.

As per the reports, Osweiler has met with the Colts team to discuss a potential trade deal. It seems that Brock and team Indianapolis are a perfect match for each other and the deal preparations have started. Osweiler has a good average and can easily handle the job offered to Luck by the Colts.

NFL Journey of Brock Osweiler

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Brock Osweiler started his NFL career with the Denver Broncos where he played as a backup quarterback for the first three years. In 2015, Osweiler finally got a chance to be an opener and started 7 games for the Broncos. He played along with the legendary Peyton Manning and together they won the Super Bowl 50.

The Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10 and Osweiler came into the limelight. After that, Brock went to the Houston Texans team in 2016 and returned to the Broncos in 2017. While in 2018 NFL season, Osweiler played for the Miami Dolphins and is currently agent to get a better deal like the Colts one.

Osweiler is the Best replacement for Luck

Replacement for Luck

Osweiler did a great job even in a weak time like Miami Dolphins and won two out of the five games he started as a quarterback. Brock managed to complete 1,247 yards, with six touchdown passes, four interceptions, with a QB rating of 86.

In the last NFL season, Osweiler had a passing accuracy of 63.5 percent which was his second best. There is no direct comparison between Andrew Luck and Osweiler but the later has a great potential. With the offensive support of Indianapolis Colts, Osweiler can do the job that Luck used to do.