Dallas Cowboys are already struggling in the NFL stats and they need to make some changes soon. Dak Prescott, one of their main quarterback is not performing that great and needs to be replaced. The Cowboys are already on a shortage of quarterbacks and they need to have someone new and Prescott is not the answer.

As per Jason Mcintyre, a popular NFL commentator and expert, the Cowboys needs to get rid of Dak Prescott as soon as possible. Most of the football experts will agree with the fact that Prescott is kind of an average quarterback and needs to replaced. Nick Mullens from the San Francisco 49ers in one of the possible replacements and Dallas Cowboys should think over that.

Dak Prescott is Waste of Money

Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Nick Mullens Waste of Money

Dallas Cowboys are offering $30 million to Prescott for a new deal, which is nothing but a waste of money. Even Andy Dalton from the Cincinnati Bengals is a much better player and would only cost $20 million. As per the advance analytics, Dak Prescott currently ranks at the 24th position in terms of NFL quarterback.

As per the NFL insiders, the Cowboys are fools to offer a $30 million+ contract to Prescott. There are so many better options and the Cowboys should try signing some of the new rookies. It is the main reason why the Cowboys should not re-sign Prescott and move him out of the team.

Nick Mullens from San Francisco 49ers

Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Nick Mullens Nick Mullens 49ers

Nick Mullens who started his career with San Francisco 49ers in 2018 have much better stats compared to Prescott. He had already completed 2277 yards with 13 touchdowns in his first season. Jerry Jones, the owner of Cowboys should not wait much and offer Mullens a nice lucrative contract.

Mullens is still on his rookie deal and hence it probably won’t cost much to sign him. Dallas Cowboys have a great roster and they could support Mullens to be a great quarterback in the future. It now depends on the Cowboys side what they do with Prescott and Mullens for their quarterback position.