Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys can’t be seen to reach on a deal agreement as both the sides are not ready on a mutual number. The negotiations between Prescott and Cowboys failed badly as the contract extension was turned down. Cowboys offered Dak $30 million per year, but he declined and asked for $40 million.

As per the reports, Cowboys are trying their best to lock the quarterback and it has not worked out very well. Both the parties are nowhere close to an agreement in terms of money. The fact is Prescott had been paid very less and now he won’t accept it anymore. Here are the possible contract extension deals for Prescott and his value in the NFL 2019 season.

Value of Dak Prescott

Value for Prescott

In the last three NFL seasons, Dak Prescott has only earned $1.62 million which is way low for a player of his caliber. Even his $2.025 million salary for the next year makes him the lowest-paid quarterback in NFL history. It is no doubt that Prescott is underpaid after being selected in the fourth round of NFL 2016 draft.

Dak Prescott has made two times to the Pro Bowl and has a career passing rate of 96.o. The strong point is that Prescott has not missed a single game and is going 32-16 as a starter. Cowboys have won three straight seasons with him and they can’t afford to lose him.

Possible Deals with Cowboys

Deals with Cowboys

The Cowboys in no way are going to overpay Prescott and it is why they will try to offer him some long term deals. There are high chances that Dallas Cowboys can use the franchise tag on him for the NFL 2020 season. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has made it clear that they want the quarterback in their team for the next season. Here are the three possible deals for Dak Prescott in the NFL 2019 season.

  • 5 years, $141 million ($71 million fully guaranteed)
  • 4 years, $130 million ($61 million fully guaranteed)
  • 3 years, $95 million ($95 million fully guaranteed)