Fresh NFL Rumors suggest Jeff Bezos could acquire the Washington Commanders franchise but other bids seem more substantial. With the bid deadline approaching, it seems that the Amazon CEO has yet to make an official bid. However, if he does decide to do so, it appears that the current owner Daniel Snyder will not stand in his way.

According to sources cited by Front Office Sports, a group of Josh Harris, Magic and Cookie Johnson, and Mitchell Rales has, reportedly, offered $6 billion for the team. On the other hand, Bezos and his group have not yet submitted a bid, but they still have several weeks to do so.

NFL Rumors: Will Jeff Bezos be the new owner of this NFL team?
Bezos, a huge NFL fan, has been linked to several teams in the past few years.

AJ Perez of Front Office Sports reports that Daniel Snyder is expected to select a new owner and bid for the Washington Commanders NFL franchise around May 22, 2023, which coincides with the date of the upcoming NFL owners’ meeting.

This revised timeline is notable because there had been speculation that Daniel Snyder would aim to sell the Washington Commanders franchise before the NFL Draft. However, given that signing bonuses in newly signed player contracts are not set to be paid until May 12, 2023, the new potential date for the sale is intriguing.

According to some observers, Snyder may have assumed that he would have already sold the team by the time the signing bonuses were due, and therefore would not be financially responsible for them.

Who is Steve Apostolopoulos, a potential bidder for the Washington Commanders?

NFL Rumors: Will Jeff Bezos be the new owner of this NFL team?
In November 2022, Current Owner Daniel Snyder hired Bank of America to explore the sale of Washington Commanders.

Although there has been much speculation that Josh Harris’ group and Jeff Bezos are among the leading contenders to acquire the Washington Commanders NFL franchise, there is reportedly another group also in contention.

Steve Apostolopoulos, a Canadian businessman who has expressed interest in acquiring a professional sports franchise, is reportedly considering the possibility of buying the Washington Commanders NFL team.

Steve Apostolopoulos, hailing from Toronto, is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Six Ventures, a private equity firm, and serves as the managing partner of the real estate company Triple Group of Companies.

In addition to his work with Six Ventures and Triple Group of Companies, he is also a co-founder of Caary, a credit card company that provides an inclusive financial platform for all applicants, regardless of their financial history.

Sources suggest that Apostolopoulos has submitted a fully funded bid of $6 billion to acquire the Washington Commanders NFL franchise. However, he is apparently not limiting himself to the Commanders and is also reportedly interested in purchasing other professional sports teams. He has reportedly shown interest in acquiring the NHL’s Ottawa Senators, but it is not clear at this time how far along he is in the process.

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