Tom Brady, the veteran quarterback from the team of New England Patriots has signed another contract extension deal. As per the recent reports, the new contract includes multiple voids which will allow Brady to change teams in the future years. As soon as the NFL 2019 season with the Patriots gets over, Brady will be free to enter free agency and sign with other 31 NFL teams.

There are also chances that New England offers Brady another contract, but it might not be possible as the 42-year-old star is close to retirement. The way Brady has structured his deal hints that he might be on his way out from the team soon. Here are the reasons why Tom Brady almost confirms leaving Patriots after the 2019 NFL season.

New Contract for Tom Brady

Tom Brady Contract

Tom Brady has almost spent his entire career with the New England Patriots and never changed his team. He has played 19 NFL seasons with the Patriots and making 16 starts just missing out two seasons due to an ACL injury. As per the rules of a new contract of Brady with the Patriots, his salary has been raised from $15 million to $23 million.

Along with that, it also means that the Patriots can’t own Brady forever and he will be free to change his franchise whenever he pleases. It indicates that Brady will become a free agent in the year 2020 and 2021, can choose any NFL team to play with.

Brady Mansion for Sale

Brady Mansion for Sale

While the new contract doesn’t say that Brady will leave the Patriots, he has given other hints on the matter. He has said that he is close to retirement and want to taste the uncharted waters. Tom Brady and his girlfriend Giselle Bundchen has put their Massachusetts mansion on the market for sale at $40 million.

It almost confirms that Brady is leaving the town soon whether or not a deal is made. Brady and Patriots have been very good together and they reached 3 times to the Super Bowl in a row. New England has also won two championships and made to eight consecutive AFC championship games with Brady playing for them.