Mac Jones trade rumors have been circulating, and it appears that they are not sitting well with certain New England Patriots players.

The 24-year-old quarterback’s performance in 2022 was inconsistent, with 2,997 passing yards, 14 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. The season was marked by some difficulties, and additional details have emerged in the last few weeks.

Earlier this month, Mac Jones Trade rumors linked teams such as Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Las Vegas Raiders, Washington Commanders, and Houston Texans with New England Patriots.

According to a report by Phil Perry of NBC Sports Boston, it seems that the discussion of a potential Mac Jones trade in the media has left some New England Patriots players unhappy. The media has been abuzz with speculation about the third-year quarterback, with reports ranging from Jones allegedly seeking outside help without coach Bill Belichick’s knowledge to trade rumors. All of this attention has kept the spotlight firmly fixed on him. Perry said…

“Folks in the building understand he was in an adverse situation, and that is putting it gently, It’s really difficult to hold it against him that he tried to fix it on his own. This is how people view this: Mac Jones felt as though he had exhausted all options available to him in the building, so he went out and pursued improvement elsewhere. And he might be punished because of that? He might be traded because of that? That’s him writing his own ticket out of town? There’s an absurdity to all of this that is not lost on Patriots employees.”

NFL Trade News: New England Patriots Mac Jones Trade Deal is Unlikely
Patriots had a disappointing season last year with a 8-9 record in the regular season.

The players’ viewpoint is difficult to dispute as the Patriots shift their focus towards the 2023 season. This season holds significant importance for many, and dwelling on the past is not going to do them any favors.

The Patriots are definitely facing a tough road ahead with one of the most challenging schedules in the NFL next season. However, it could also be the perfect opportunity for Jones to prove himself as a valuable asset for the team’s future.

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