Tom Holland and Zendaya are currently the most talked about couple in Hollywood right now. After winning the heart of Zendaya’s family, it now looks like the Spider-Man star has won the heart of Zendaya’s on-screen mom, Nika King.

Nika King is a fan of Tom

Nika, 44, plays Leslie Bennett to Zendaya’s troubled drug addict Rue in HBO’s shock teen drama Euphoria. She revealed that she became a fan of the Spider-Man star after she met him at her co-star’s house.

King told Page Six,

“I’ve met Tom. He’s come over to her house when they have dinners and stuff like that. He’s very sweet, very nice.”

She clarified she didn’t know the extent of the couple’s relationship saying,

“And I don’t know what the extent of their relationship [is] but they always look happy, they always look like they’re enjoying themselves. And I’m just like, look, whenever I see love, I’m here for it.”

King talks about Zendaya

nika king
Tomdaya have been dating for several years now

Tom Holland and Sendaya have been together since 2017 when they co-starred in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” him as the titular hero and her in the role of his love interest, Michelle Jones-Watson, aka MJ.

King believes Holland is among Zendaya’s “good core of people.” According to her this helps keep the former Disney star grounded despite her insurmountable fame.

Nika King explains,

“She has a good core of people around her and I think that’s also important. She keeps her clique pretty small.”

She continues,

“So she’s learned through probably the same — just like we all do — trial and error, or having different people come into your life just to say, ‘OK, this is the tribe and I trust this tribe.’”

Nika King reflects on her own journey in Hollywood

Observing Zendaya’s star rise over the years has provided King an opportunity to reflect on her own journey in Hollywood. Though she’s been steadily working for decades — as an actress, model and comedian — the multi-hyphenate is grateful to have achieved her celebrity later in life.

King says,

“I’m glad it took as long as it did because if I would have gotten success early, I’m pretty sure I would’ve been somewhere strung out on drugs because it’ll suck you in if you don’t have a strong core or a foundation of who you are,”

She continued,

“No one can tell me who I am because I’ve had so many years to kind of go through the, ‘Oh, my hair isn’t straight enough, oh, my nose is not [thin] enough, oh, my complexion, I need to be more ambiguous.’”

King proudly shares that she’s happy the way she is and is no longer searching for anyone’s validation.

King says she doesn’t care for the criticism she sustained in the early days of her career, oftentimes rooted in misogyny and racism. She said,

“All of those things don’t affect me now because I’ve been through those things. I feel so much stronger and confident today because of it.”

Nika King is a philanthropist

nika king
King adores Tom and Zendaya

Nika King’s self-worth is bolstered by her philanthropic efforts. Last year, she launched Rose of Sharon, a nonprofit inspired by her mother’s battles with addiction, cancer and mental health to benefit those in the black community experiencing similar struggles.

nika king
King said,

“There are stigmas in our community surrounding all of these issues that I want to help erase. I love my people.”

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Source: Page  Six