After the worldwide success of Norther Rescue’s debut season, the show can head to Netflix for Northern Rescue Season 2. There is no official announcement regarding the renewal of the show. Here are all the updates regarding the show!

The viewers really liked the debut season of the show and they love to see the story continue. CBC Gem and Netflix released Northern Rescue in one go in March. As many fans have already watched the entire series, they look forward to what next. But as the debut part came out recently, the chances of any updates on its renewal are slim.

Many fans took to Twitter to express their wish for another season. One of the subscribers of the streaming service tweeted,

The hubby and I binged @northern_rescue over the weekend, and we love it!!! It didn’t take long for us to get hooked! Hoping for a season two! #Netflix #NorthernRescue.

CBC Gem and Netflix released Northern Rescue in one go in March.

Another fan also appreciated the great work did by the entire cast and crew, expressing his desire to see Northern Rescue Season 2.

When can you expect Northern Rescue Season 2 to come out if it gets approved?

As Northern Rescue came out in March this year, we should wait for at least a year before Northern Rescue Season 2 comes out. Tentatively, Northern Rescue Season 2 will make it in March next year.

A Netfllix Original series, it is expected to come out on exclusively on the streaming service and not on other streamers like Hulu, Amazon Prime or Sky.

Who will be in the cast of Northern Rescue Season 2?

The fans can expect to see the West family members to return. William Baldwin is expected to return as John West and Kathleen Robertson as Charlie Anders. Apart from them, the West children  including Maddie (played by Amalia Williamson), Taylor (Taylor Thorne) and Scout (Spencer Macpherson).