One Piece Chapter 1080 spoilers have finally been leaked. After Shanks’s overwhelming win against Eustass Kid in Chapter 1079, fans are eager to know where the story will lead next.

One Piece Chapter 1080 spoilers
What will the situation on Egghead be after Shanks wins

The release date for One Piece chapter 1080

The new chapter is expected to be released on April 10th, 2023, on Monday at 12:00 AM Japanese Standard Time. This means that for most international fans, the release will be available on Sunday. The full release schedule and global timings can be found here

One Piece Chapter 1080 spoilers and chapter summary – Read online here

The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1080 are out, and it looks like the Blackbeard Pirates will have a face-off with SWORD. The SWORD Squad is the Marine Headquarters Secret Special Force. The details of the chapter are not very clear. However, a brief summary of the spoilers was confirmed by the One Piece Twitter spoilers community. The dedicated One Piece Spoiler on Twitter Scotchinformer leaked the spoiler, and Twitter user and another spoiler enthusiast, Redon confirmed the spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1080 release date
The Blackbeard Pirates From One Piece.
  • The Sword Squad and the Blackbeard pirates will face off on the Beehive Island. 
  • Blackbeard pirates consist of Shiryu, Vasco Shot, Sanjuan Wolf, and Avalo Pizarro. Wolf has his inflated fruit, Shot is powered by his Liquor fruit, and Pizarro has his Island fruit with which he can control the island.
  • Sword members are nothing to be undermined either, they consist of members Hibari, Kujaku (Tsuru’s Granddaughter), and Prince Grus. 
  • Hibari wields weapons by Vegapunk, Kujaku has the whip fruit, and Prince Gross has the mud fruit. 
  • Perona is also on the island to free the imprisoned Moria. 
  • In a flashback, we see that Blackbeard has kidnapped Kobe to negotiate with the government on making the Hachinoyu pirate island an official country that he can rule over. Kuzan then explains that the government will not negotiate for a member of the sword. 
  • We get to see the powers of all the Sword members present.
  • At the end of One Piece Chapter 1080, we see Luffy’s grandfather, Garp joins the rest of the squad and uses his fists and haki to destroy buildings.

Who are the Sword and what is their mission?

SWORD is a division of secret special forces of the Marine Headquarters. The members of this squad are considered to be “super-elites” among their colleagues and hold a special status. Their duties are to take up undercover missions to check on the activities of the Four Emperors. They use special secure channels and code words to communicate.

The squad members are X Drake, the captain; Prince Grus, their Rear Admiral; Captain Koby; Commander Hibari, Lieutenant Commander Helmeppo; and there are four more unknown members of the squad. 

One Piece Chapter 1080 reddit twitter spoilers
All Known members of the Sword

The members as mentioned in the One Piece Chapter 1080 spoilers are also powerful, and some even possess the power of devil fruits. Prince Grus has the abilities given by the Mud fruit or the Numa Numa no Mi. It is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that makes the consumer become a “swamp”. This makes the user a Swamp Human. Kujaku is said to carry the power of the Whip fruit or the Muchi Muchi no Mi. The Whip Devil Fruit is a Devil Fruit that allows the consumer to grow metal whips from their body and turn them into a whip human. 

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