As Eiichiro Oda’s manga series takes a break this week, fans are eagerly seeking for One Piece Chapter 1081 spoilers. Although there are unverified spoilers circulating online but they have not been confirmed by well-known leakers for the series, like Redon and Etenboby.

However, currently, fans are content with any information they can obtain regarding One Piece Chapter 1081, even if it is purely speculative. Although official spoilers are scarce at the moment, there are still some key events and plot points that can be anticipated in the upcoming issue.

Let’s delve into our speculations on the potential spoilers and events in One Piece Chapter 1081 and beyond.

One Piece Chapter 1081 is expected to bring readers back to Egghead Island, where the Blackbeard Pirates have reportedly arrived.

The outcome of One Piece Chapter 1081 will hinge on whether the narrative shifts back to Egghead Island or continues to spotlight Garp’s assault on Hachinosu Island. Although it is highly probable that the story will shift back to Egghead Island and the ongoing events there, fans’ expectations for the issue will be significantly altered if this does not occur.

If this is indeed true for the upcoming chapter, fans can anticipate that the chapter will commence by unveiling the specific members of the Blackbeard Pirates who have made their way to Egghead Island. This is reinforced by the fact that fans have ruled out Shiryu, Pizarro, San Juan Wolf, and Vasco Shot as potential candidates, as they are known to be on Hachinosu Island.

It is probable that One Piece Chapter 1081 will commence by elucidating which members of the Blackbeard Pirates are currently at Egghead Island and the reasons behind their arrival. The most plausible explanations for the latter are that either Caribou or Vegapunk York summoned them to the island.

Blackbeard Pirates
Blackbeard Pirates

The former would probably be exposed as a crew member if found responsible, while the latter might have done so to potentially negotiate a new agreement following the World Government’s betrayal.

Subsequently, fans can anticipate a spotlight on the Straw Hats and their awareness of the presence of the Blackbeard Pirates. This is likely to be achieved by checking in on each separate group of the Straw Hat Pirates, with Robin’s group expected to be the last to be highlighted. This is because they are en route to the current whereabouts of Dr. Vegapunk, guided by Vegapunk Atlas.

Straw Hat Grand Fleet
Straw Hat Grand Fleet

One possible scenario in One Piece Chapter 1081 could involve the potential setup of a battle involving Nico Robin, Tony Tony Chopper, and Vegapunk Atlas against Vegapunk York, with the goal of freeing Dr. Vegapunk. Additionally, ghost-form Brook, who is also searching for Dr. Vegapunk’s whereabouts, may either return to his physical body and join the fight or assist in some way while still in ghost-form.

The conclusion of the chapter may possibly revolve around the establishment of the impending battle or provide an update on the whereabouts of Admiral Kizaru and his reinforcements. Despite the captivating events in recent issues, it’s important to remember that a substantial force is en route to Egghead Island, and the Straw Hats will need to devise a strategy to counter them.

Admiral Kizaru
Admiral Kizaru

This may potentially foreshadow the arrival of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, although such a possibility remains purely speculative at this juncture.

If One Piece Chapter 1081 does not revert to Egghead Island, it is likely to continue focusing on Hachinosu Island. Given that the Shanks versus Kid confrontation has concluded and Blackbeard versus Law seems to be put on hold by Oda, there are no other ongoing storylines to shift to at the moment.

An exception could potentially be Vivi Nefertari’s presence with Big News Morgans, although this appeared to be more of a cameo appearance rather than the establishment of a full-fledged plotline

Remaining on Hachinosu Island, it is probable that the SWORD Group will locate and rescue Koby before encountering an attack from the Blackbeard Pirates on the island. Additionally, there is a chance that more ship captains from the crew will make an appearance in the chapter, potentially providing clues as to who may be heading to Egghead Island. However, predicting specific plot details for a continuation on Hachinosu Island is considerably more challenging compared to a potential return to Egghead.