One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers were leaked online a few days ago. Among the leaks was a colour spread of Yamato and a few female characters from One Piece at the beach. A Twitter user pointed out the gender of Yamato and how they identify with both female and male pronouns, making them a non-binary individual.

This sparked a debate among Twitter users about Yamato’s gender. Let us take a look at a few comments.

Yamato gender fluid
Yamato from One Piece Anime

Who is Yamato from One Piece?

One of the main focuses of One Piece Chapter 1084 is the colour spread of Yamato and a few leading female characters of One Piece on a beach. The spread got fans more excited than the original plot of the chapter. The poster also drew some confusion among the fans as to why Yamato, who identifies as a male in the manga, was drawn among the female characters.

Yamato is the child of Kaidou, the Governor-General of the Beast Pirates. Yamato was born a female, and after being fascinated by the famous samurai Kozuki Oden, Yamato decided to adopt his personality and mannerisms, including identifying as a male. Kaidou and his crew also started to refer to Yamato as a male and as Kaidou’s son. The official translation on Viz Media and Funimation used male pronouns to describe Yamato.

Fans have started pointing out that Yamato is being referred to with female pronouns by the author, Eiichiro Oda. This has led to some confusion among fans as to whether Yamato is male or female if they are non-binary.

One Piece Chapter 1084: Yamato’s gender identity.

A Twitter user sparked a debate on Yamato’s gender identity while discussing One Piece Chapter 1084. It has been up for debate for a while, as the character card shows Yamato as female, whereas the manga shows Yamato identifying as male. Many fans were wondering if this meant that Yamato might just be gender-fluid.

Some of the replies were controversial, to say the least, but many of them were citing the Vivre Card as an example to say Yamato identifies as a woman. This was disputed by the OP, who claims the card shows them to have been born a woman, but as they grew up, they now identify as

While many were claiming that their gender has no importance as they wanted to be called an Oden, that is what they wanted to be. Since being inspired by Oden to become a samurai and be exactly like him including trying to behave like a man. Some were citing examples of Kiku who was born a male but transitioned to female and identifies as such.

While the debate goes on, the identity of Yamato, according to official translations on Viz Media and Funimation, is that of a male. This should end the debate on its own. However, Oda has yet to make any statements regarding Yamato’s gender identity. One Piece Chapter 1084 colour spread did show Yamato with female leads of One Piece, maybe just as a choice of aesthetics.

Where can I read One Piece manga?

One Piece Chapter 1084 is to be released globally on May 21st, 2023. Fans can read the full manga for free on Shueisha’s official mobile app, Manga Plus. The first and latest three chapters of the manga are also available to read for free on Viz Media’s official website.

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