One Piece episode 1057 is the latest installment in the popular anime series. The previous episodes of One Piece had left the fans buzzing with speculations and excitement, which set the stage for the upcoming installment.

One Piece Episode 1057 Release Date Announced!

The One Piece 1057 release date has been announced officially. The latest installment will arrive on April 8th on Crunchyroll for North American viewers.

However, the time for viewings residing in other countries will vary. Here are the exact release timings for One Piece Episode 1057.

  • Japanese Standard Time: 9th April 9: 30 AM
  • Eastern Standard Time: 8th April 9 PM
  • Central European Time: 9th April 3 AM
  • British Summer Time: 9th April 2 AM
One Piece Episode 1057 Release Date, Time, Preview, Spoilers, Watch Online and More
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What to Expect from One Piece Episode 1057? The Spoilers and Plot

When it comes to spoilers or plotlines, then there is nothing to speculate about the upcoming installment yet.

The One Piece Episode 1057 is titled “For Luffy – Sanji and Zoro’s Oath.” The episode will reveal the fight between Queen and Sanji. Apart from the Queen and Sanji’s fight, episode 1057 will also reveal the Zoro and King’s fight.

Fans eagerly await the upcoming episode of One Piece, where the fights between Zoro and King and Sanji and Queen will finally come to a dramatic conclusion. While details about the fights remain a mystery, fans can expect a thrilling episode in the series.

One Piece Episode 1057 Release Date, Time, Preview, Spoilers, Watch Online and More
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One Piece Episode 1056 Recap Brings Action Into Series

Law and Kid will engage in a brutal fight in One Piece episode 1056. In the upcoming episode, they will go up against Big Mama.

Meanwhile, there is an ongoing fight between Queen and King and Sanji and Zoro, which is coming to an end. Episode 1056 is also expected to have a between Kaido and Luffy.

How to Watch One Piece Episode 1057 Online?

The One Piece episode 1057 will be streaming online on Crunchyroll at the time mentioned above. Fans can tune into the anime platform to watch the anime series.