One Piece episode 1059 release date has been confirmed by Crunchyroll. Episode 1059 is the most awaited episode in the series, which is coming back after a long hiatus.

Since the series is coming back with new episodes, it is set to premiere with a weekly schedule on Crunchyroll. The upcoming episode will cover chapter 1040 of One Piece.

One Piece Episode 1059 Watch Online, Release Date, Time, Preview, and More
One Piece Anime Series is back Without Any Hiatus

What is the Release Date Schedule for One Piece Episode 1059?

Episode 1059 of One Piece will be released on Crunchyroll on April 22nd in the Stats. However, in Japan, the episode will be released 30 minutes earlier.

Moreover, the release time for One Piece Episode 1059 will vary for different time zones of the world.

  • Pacific Standard Time: 16th April, 6 PM PST
  • Japanese Standard Time: 16th April, 9:30 AM JST
  • Eastern Standard Time: 15th April, 9 PM EST
  • Central European Time: 16th April, 3 AM CEST

When it comes to episode 1059 duration, then it is yet to be revealed. Episode 1059 is likely to have the same length as previous episodes in the series.

One Piece Episode 1059 Preview and Plotline

Episode 1059 of One Piece is titled “Zoro’s Hardship – A Monster! King the Wildfire.”

Yusuke Suzuki has directed the episode, and as you might expect, in this episode, Rorona Zoro will have to deal with the King after promising Sanji to fight him.

King will be giving a tough fight to Zoro, but fans are hoping that Zoro will be able to handle King without much difficulty.

One Piece Episode 1059 Watch Online, Release Date, Time, Preview, and More
One Piece Episode 1059 Release Date has Been Confirmed

How to Watch One Piece Episode 1059 Online for Free?

One Piece Episode 1059 will premiere on Crunchyroll at different times, given per the time zone.

Fans will require a Crunchyroll subscription to watch the latest installment in the series. But they can also use the free trial to watch the episode for free.