One Piece Episode 1061 is set to release soon on 7th May 2023. Fans are preparing themselves for the final showdown, the most anticipated fight between Sanji and the Queen.

One Piece Episode 1061: Latest Preview has a different approach

The One Piece marketing team, this time has stepped up their game. One Piece Episode 1061 has released the latest preview. The Sanji vs Queen showdown is being promoted all over Japan like a broadcasted match.

On May 2nd, a fan took to Twitter and posted a video of the Sanji vs Queen fighting preview being promoted all across Japan like a typical UFC match.

One Piece Episode 1061 Borrows Real Life Fight Moves For Sanji vs Queen
One Piece Episode 1061 is being promoted all over Japan. Credit: @newworldartur

One Piece Episode 1061, which is titled “The Strike of an Ifrit! Sanji vs Queen” will dedicatedly focus on Sanji and Queen’s final showdown.

One Piece Episode 1061 Borrows Real Life Fight Moves For Sanji vs Queen
The Strike of an Ifrit! Sanji vs. Queen

In the preview, we see, the two characters Sanji and the Queen encountering each other. The preview of the match builds up the tension similar to that of a UFC match. Kaido’s man is still active in his dino form, and we’ll see even more of his strength gradually in One Piece Episode 1061.

Clearly, the fans are super hyped up, and the marketing strategy for the showdown of Sanji vs Queen is genius is all in talks. We can expect the upcoming episode is going to be on fire for sure!

In the previous episode 1060, we saw the King engaged in a combat with Zoro. In an effort to prevent his Haki from being used up and ultimately leading to his death, Zoro tries to figure out how to regulate the flow of his Haki. He chooses to let Enma take his Haki rather than resist the powers of the sword and “conquer” it, releasing his Haoshoku Haki and knocking the adjacent Beast Pirates out of it. When the king sees, he wonders if he is attempting to be the king. In response, Zoro says he has just recalled his vow to Kuina and Luffy.

In the coming episode, we will get to see the Queen using all the attacks with its cyborg body, Sanji using Ifrit Jambe, and many more events to unfold!

One Piece Episode 1061 will be released on 7th May 2023 (09.30 AM at JST).

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Watch the latest preview of One Piece Episode 1061.