One Piece Episode 1061 has confirmed its date to be released soon.

As per the latest episode, it seems that the anime is catching up with the manga. The upcoming episodes would be very significant for the fans as we will see an end to the battle.

One Piece Episode 1061 Preview Watch online, Release date, and more
One Piece

One Piece Episode 1061 has been titled “The Strike Of An Ifrit! Sanji vs Queen”.

Fans are now looking forward to the release of the episode as we will get to see the concluding battle between Sanji vs Queen.

One Piece Episode 1061: Preview

One Piece Episode 1061 preview shows us how Sanji and Queen are at their wits’ end in the episode’s trailer, and the cyborg’s attacks make Sanji think of Germa. The unlocking of his Ifrit Jambe method, a far more powerful version of Diable Jambe, will also be covered in this episode. This technique will turn the flame of Sanji’s attack blue which will eventually increase the speed and weight of his attacks and kicks.

The preview was released on Sunday, 30th April 2023.

The last fight between King and Zoro has taken the final phase. Now, the fight between Queen and Sanji will be concluding their battle either within the next episode or the episode after along with All Stars of the Beast Pirate provoking Sanji. We see how the Queen was using all the attacks with its cyborg body and it reminds Sanji to remember Germa.

One Piece Episode 1061 Preview Watch online, Release date, and more
Preview from One Piece Episode 1061

The technique used here by Sanji is different this time as he will be using the Ifrit Jambe as directed in the title of the upcoming episode. Ifrit Jambe is more powerful than Diable Jambe which will also help to defeat the Queen who happens to be one of the most powerful third strongest Beast Pirates after the King and Yonko Kaido. As the narration says Sanji will ignite some sort of blue flame within his frozen soul that will help defeat the Queen’s powerful attacks.

One Piece Episode 1061 Preview Watch online, Release date, and more
An unknown blue flame appeared from Sanji

The upcoming episode will open up some major turn of events since this has been going on for quite a few chapters, and we can finally expect the Queen vs Sanji will conclude in Episode 1061. In addition, the main narrations for the earlier One Piece episodes showed Appo and Drake fending against Cypher Pol operatives and ting with another supernova. Defeating the Cypher Pol agents was difficult for these two individuals, but they now have an added backup from their other teammates.

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One Piece Episode 1061: Release Date

One Piece Episode 1061 will be released on 7th May 2023 (09.30 AM at JST).

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