In the past three weeks, One Piece fans enjoyed two incredible episodes. Episode 1061 featured an extraordinary battle between Sanji and the All-Star, Queen, with exceptional animation and direction leading to a perfect conclusion. Episode 1062, released on May 21, 2023, provided a captivating recap of the intense Zoro vs. King fight, elevating the manga battle with top-notch animators.

Zoro’s innovative fighting style, the “King of Hell,” combined Haoshoku Haki and his sword, amplifying the power of his attacks. With unwavering determination, Zoro delivered a final strike, toppling King and securing a crucial victory for the alliance, despite exhausting his energy.

One Piece Episode 1063: Release Date and Luffy’s Acceleration in a New Era.

 One Piece Episode 1063
One Piece

One Piece Episode 1063, titled “Luffy Accelerates! The Pivotal Moment of a New Era!“, premieres on May 28, 2023. This episode focuses on the aftermath of Zoro’s clash with King, dealing a significant blow to the Beasts Pirates and neutralizing the All-Stars’ combat prowess.

However, unresolved issues hinder the war’s resolution. CP0 assassins remain a threat, raising concerns about Apoo’s loyalty due to his treacherous past. The outcome of Yamato’s mission and Momonosuke’s efforts to prevent island destruction are uncertain.

Above all, the alliance’s priority is defeating Kaido and Big Mom. Big Mom confronts Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid, unleashing her full strength after their awakened Devil Fruits pose a challenge. The upcoming episode primarily focuses on the rooftop battle.

Meanwhile, tensions escalate as Luffy’s monumental clash with Kaido unfolds. The outcome is crucial, as Kaido’s victory would leave the alliance powerless. Luffy must surpass his limits for a triumphant outcome.

One Piece Episode 1063: Where to Stream?

One Piece Episode 1063 will be promptly accessible for viewing on Crunchyroll shortly after its premiere in Japan. The episode will be available with subtitles. The English-dubbed version of the episode will be released by Funimation at a later time.