One Punch Man chapter 183 will mark the beginning of the Neo Heroes Introduction arc and the first chapter since the end of the Psychic Sisters arc.

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One Punch Man Chapter 183
Tatsumaki from One Punch Man

One Punch Man Chapter 183 release date

The original release date for the manga was set to be sometime around April 3rd or 4th. Then the mangaka Yusuke Murata announced a hiatus till April 20th, 2023. Murata took to Twitter to announce the break following the production of a new volume. This kind of break is very common for the mangakas of One Punch Man.

Murata also said a new announcement could be expected on April 20th after the hiatus. This hiatus comes after the completion of the Psychic Sisters arc concluded, and the intense fight between Saitama and Tatsumaki ended. We can expect the new chapter to be released sometime in the last week of April or the first week of May.

One Punch Man is not a weekly manga. They usually release one or two chapters a month. Many fans are normally used to this situation but are still disappointed that the hiatus is pretty big. Some fans are also happy that the time will probably help the mangaka to come up with a better and more comedic storyline for the Neo Heroes Introduction arc.

One Punch Man chapter 183 spoilers and prediction

Rumors and speculations about what will happen next in One Punch Man chapter 183 are all over the internet. Some fans are hoping that the focus will be on the evil research organization Tsukuyomi. At the same time, others are hoping that a new character by the name of Accel will be introduced. This person is said to be a vigilante who is the leader of a group called Hunters. He was introduced by the mangaka ONE in chapter 106. The hunters gather heroes who will help people without having to represent the hero association.

In One Punch Man chapter 183 we will see that because of a lack of funding, the hero association builds a shelter of A- class heroes for the uber-rich to pay for in case they need protection. Hunters believe this is blatant classism and believe that since the association is failing, the hunters will soon replace them. The hero association approaches Accel with an offer for him to be an S-Class hero in return for him to join them. This position comes with an armory, medical and monetary support.

However, accel refuses this offer and says the hero association representative to find a new job since the association won’t last long. One Punch Man chapter 183 will hopefully end here, and the next chapter will continue.

Accel refuces offer in One Punch Man chapter 183
Accel refuses the offer in One Punch Man Chapter 106

One Punch Man chapter 182 summary

The earthquakes perplexed Forte and Air while Saitama and Tatsumaki’s struggle raged on. Saitama lands on a wall close to Forte’s chamber. Saitama inquires about his wounds and advises Forte to stay in bed before returning to his fight while Forte is still perplexed. Forte decides to postpone his rematch with Saitama after witnessing the devastation of the current fight.

When the Blizzard Group arrives outside, they are shocked by the battle’s destruction. Tatsumaki, who was previously enjoying her struggle with Saitama, is now desperate for it to be over as soon as possible because she underestimated her output limits. Tatsumaki attempts to submerge Saitama by transforming a sizable portion of the ground surrounding him into an earth tsunami.

Saitama emerges entirely unscathed despite Tatsumaki’s efforts, and after observing that she is stumbling, he advises her to stop pushing herself. The female esper continues to try to use her psychic power to launch Saitama into space, but in vain because Saitama successfully blocks it. Tatsumaki slowly passes out from overusing her telekinesis after failing to defeat Saitama with it.

A glimpse of Tatsumaki’s past

It is revealed in her dream that Tatsumaki reconnected with Fubuki after being saved by Blast 18 years ago in order to defend her. Tatsumaki (probably) slaughtered the four Tsukuyomi members after realizing they were pursuing her before reaching out to touch Fubuki. The five-year-old Fubuki awakened her psychic strength and pushed Tatsumaki away after being shocked to see her sister commit such violent crimes.

Tatsumaki is seen pursuing an image of Blast as her dream progresses. She is seen to have unrealistic expectations of Blast because he is the only grownup who has ever set her free. Tatsumaki thinks that if she becomes powerful enough, Blast will appreciate her and show her how to live a better life. She wakes up from her dream and asks the powerful hero what she should do.

Fubuki and Tatsumaki are united

Tatsumaki’s powers are praised by Saitama, who pats her on the head and remarks that if she can go on a rampage without causing damage to other people’s property, Tatsumaki will become a fantastic hero. Fubuki enters and informs Tatsumaki that she has broken away from her gang as Saitama turns to go.

The Blizzard Group also shows up at this time and starts pleading with Tatsumaki to let them stay with their commander, promising they would develop stronger. Fubuki punishes back members of the group before Tatsumaki can blow them away. She continues by saying that if they can’t resist her influence, they can’t defeat her older sister.

Tatsumaki is persuaded to allow the squad to remain together by Saitama as they attempt to demonstrate their mettle by fending off Fubuki’s supernatural abilities. She nods in agreement and prepares to leave with Fubuki. Despite the fact that Saitama declines her offer, she informs him that he should be thankful because she intends to test him once more in the future. The One Punch Man chapter 183 will start from this point.