One Punch Man is a standout shonen anime series that has carved its own niche. One Punch Man’s distinctive storyline features a protagonist so invincible that he breaks the fourth wall, rendering him unbeatable. Along with the protagonist Saitama, the One Punch Man series boasts a cast of formidable characters, divided into two groups: heroes who defend the Earth and villains who cause chaos. The Hero Association, which assigns heroes into different ranks based on their abilities, governs most of the heroes.

The S-Class heroes lead the rankings, with the top 10 heroes from ranks 1 to 10 being the most powerful. The S-Class Rank 1 hero, Blast, is recognized as the strongest according to the Hero Association’s rankings. Despite being frequently mentioned in the One Punch Man series, fans have yet to see Blast in action, and his abilities remain a mystery.

One Punch Man’s Top Hero, Blast: A Mysterious Figure with Tremendous Responsibility

One Punch Man
One Punch Man’s Top Hero, Blast

Curiously, the top-ranked hero of the Hero Association is currently inactive, as he has taken to traveling and collecting mysterious cubes that could transform humans into enigmatic creatures. Despite being absent from the hero scene, few Hero Association staff members have the means to communicate with him.

It’s worth noting, however, that Blast is the Hero Association’s strongest hero after Saitama, and holding the number one spot in a world teeming with powerful monsters is a tremendous responsibility. Blast, a brawny figure adorned with armor and an emblem on his chest, commands respect and awe.

Blast’s most recent mention in the anime was when Saitama pummeled the Elder Centipede monster, which, on the brink of death, recollected its memory of Blast, the only hero it deemed capable of defeating it. Two years ago, Blast fought and nearly killed the monster, but encountered God, a cryptic entity who offered him power. Blast declined the offer and had to confront God, but managed to survive. He kept his encounter with God a secret from the Hero Association, with only Stitch being privy to the incident.

The Mythical Power of Blast, One Punch Man’s Legendary Hero with Unmatched Abilities

One Punch Man Power Rankings Blast

Blast has defeated the Elder Centipede in the past and according to Gyoro Gyoro, he could still defeat the dragon-level threat despite its current strength. He saved Tatsumaki as a child and inspired her to use her psychic abilities to protect her sister. Blast possessed enough power to easily take down large monsters even before meeting Tatsumaki.

He also appears to have some telepathic or psychic ability, as seen by his ability to read Tatsumaki’s mind and see visions of her sister Fubuki. His greatest asset is his ability to manipulate space-time, which allowed him to contend against God.

According to Fubuki’s theories in the One Punch Man: Hero Encyclopedia, Blast surpasses even King in power and has the ability to project laser beams from his eyes, dominate psychic abilities, and control an army of trillions of robots. His strength is so overwhelming that he could potentially defeat every other S-class hero simultaneously.

Blast, One Punch Man’s S-Class Rank 1 Hero with Unmatched Speed, Strength, and Intelligence

One Punch Man

Blast wields a variety of formidable and highly advantageous abilities. He possesses incredible speed and reflexes, and is counted among the fastest individuals in the One Punch Man universe. In a memorable incident, he even managed to catch Flashy Flash, an S-class hero famed for his exceptional swiftness, off guard by evading one of his quickest attacks from a short distance and materializing behind him, leaving Flashy Flash unable to detect his movements.

His strength is such that he could match up against Cosmic Fear Mode Garou, also known as Cosmic Garou, who has been bestowed with additional power by God. By using his powers to create numerous portals, Blast was able to deftly evade the destructive attacks of the hero hunter.

One Punch Man Power Rankings Cosmic Garou
Cosmic Garou

Blast foresaw the catastrophic outcome of a clash between Saitama and Garou, and quickly teleported them into space. He also has exceptional resistance to radiation, surviving the cosmic radiation unleashed by Cosmic Garou without harm. Beyond his impressive powers, Blast’s dedication to protecting people and the planet makes him the most deserving hero.

Despite his immense strength, he chose not to use his full power against Cosmic Garou and instead prioritized rescuing heroes and minimizing damage to the Earth. Fans of One Punch Man eagerly await the upcoming anime seasons to witness Blast, the top-ranked S-class hero, in action.

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