Pamela Anderson Speaks Up: 2017 Baywatch Movie Producers Pressured Her for ‘Free’ Cameo

Anderson’s Claims of Bullying by Producers


Pamela Anderson recently came forward, stating that the team behind the 2017 Baywatch movie initially wanted her to make a cameo appearance for free. The actress, famous for her role as C.J. Parker in the original TV series that began in 1989, told Variety about the pressure from the film’s producers to participate in the project.

“It was becoming really, really awful. They said they wanted me to do it as a favor,” said Pamela. “I said, ‘I do favors for animals, not for Paramount.’ There was just so much bullying to do it. They wanted me to do it for free, as an homage or something. I said, ‘Come on, guys. I mean, really?’ “

Agreeing to a Non-Speaking Cameo

Eventually, Anderson agreed to make a cameo without any dialogue, saying, “I ended up okay. No complaints.” A spokesperson for Paramount did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment on the matter.

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson

Baywatch TV Series Licensing and Representation Issues

Anderson also told Variety that she didn’t fare well when the Baywatch television series was licensed to Prime Video. She admitted to not having the proper representation or know-how at the time, which led to her signing her life away for a show that would become immensely popular.

2017 Baywatch Movie Cast and Anderson’s Cameo

The 2017 Baywatch movie, directed by Seth Gordon, starred Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Anderson appeared at the film’s end, introduced as the team’s “new captain,” though she didn’t have any lines.

Healing Process and Reflection

Pamela Anderson revealed that writing her memoir and creating the documentary has been therapeutic for her and those around her, describing it as a healing process. She hopes that by sharing her story, others will also be inspired.


What role did Pamela Anderson play in the original Baywatch TV series?

She played the character C.J. Parker in 1989.

Who directed the 2017 Baywatch movie?

Seth Gordon directed the 2017 Baywatch film.

Source: The People