Many children are waiting for their forever happy homes in the foster care system. Some people open their homes from such children for a temporary period, but children still struggle to find their forever families who will love them unconditionally with all their hearts. Sometimes, it takes few days, or can take a little longer from people to open their arms and welcome kids to their families.

Paige Bramlett is a 24-year-old single teacher who had a student in foster care.

She is a behavioral specialist in a school, and she was working with a Kindergarten student who came in for foster care. Paige decided to start the foster process after building a connection with him while he was in between families.

Paige said everyone thought she was insane.

There were many people who asked Paige to stop, and she was crazy to start the fostering process as she is a single woman who would have to raise the child all by herself. But instead, of listening to others, she decided to stick with her decision and begin the fostering process.

After fostering him, Paige ended up later adopting him oficially.

Paige explained that while she was working on helping the child, he exhibited signs of PTSD and trauma. It was a result for the child to have shifted to different foster homes for several years. And so, she was willing to offer him a forever home with her.

Paige said when she heard he needed a forever home, she wanted to jump in.

“One day he didn’t turn up for school and he had never missed a day. I ran into his caseworker collecting his things in the hallway. She told me they were looking for a forever home for him to be placed in,” she said.

Paige said it was a no-brainer for her to adopt the child.  Now, her son has a forever home.

“Now he is adopted. Loved. Chosen. My son. We are learning together every day,” she wrote on TikTok.

Paige and her son are now “the best of friends.”

She also shared in an interview, that she has more of a best friend kinda bond with her son, and it will most likely remain the same.

Being in Kindergarten can be hard.

The hosts of GMA really were so supportive and kind.

Many children go through the same fostering process as Paige’s son did. But sometime, you find people who are willing to go that extra mile to give love and care to a child and nurture them.

Paige said that it was a “no brainer.”

Paige successfully gave her  son a new home, but she also have a small surprise for him. She gifted him a new puppy and now the three of them live together as a family in their home sweet home.

On GMA, they also received a giant gift.

The hosts of Good Morning America surprised Paige and her son with gifts donated from the store, 5 Below. The donation of  $10,000 was given to Paige and her son to kick start their new journey and build a future.

And, they also gifted her son tons of toys for the holidays.

The boy also received all the latest toys from the 5 Below store, and you can see how happy he appears to receive the gifts.