A Mexican restaurant has broken all barriers to good marketing. If you think you know how to promote an item, you need to evaluate your skills. That is because San Andrés Tuxtla’s Tortillería Ruby in Mexico has used a picture of an OnlyFans model on their tortillas for one set of audience – MEN. The model is none other than Karely Ruiz who has more than 7.3 million followers on Instagram and an insane amount of subscribers on the adult platform.

The restaurant announced the gimmick on its Facebook to its 43,000 followers. It read, “If your husband is disheartened and doesn’t want to eat, at Tortillería Ruby we have the solution: take him Karely Ruiz’s tortillas so he can show off that he ate this pretty girl several times.” Ruiz added the cherry on top to this marketing by sharing the post and writing, “Would you eat me?” Ruiz is fondly known amongst her followers for her impressive curves. Ten of these tortillas are being sold for $0.77 (15 pesos).

OnlyFans Model Karely Ruiz Picture Lands On Tortillas in Mexico!

The stunt has worked to the benefit of the eatery as it has attracted a wave of customers. The restaurant is being tagged by a sea of social media users who are trying their main attraction – the OnlyFans tortillas. Moreover, the 22-year-old is a well-known model dealing in X-rated content She also has a daughter named Mayra. She has taken social media by storm with her mirror selfies showing off her assets. Ruiz has more than 3,00,000 likes on her OnlyFans account and almost 600 pictures for subscribers.

Of course, the hungry customers left hungry comments. One user said, “Mmmmmm exquisite and tasty snack and naturally very very beautiful” Another user wrote, “Without a doubt bb. You are an exquisite delicacy” One more user commented, “You’re Tortill4 kidding I like you very much I hope you come to Teapa Tabasco here they will welcome you with open arm” Ruiz’s fans made sure to make the marketing viral!