The Promo for Pokemon Horizons Episode 4 is now out, and fans are eagerly anticipating what’s to come. Pokemon Horizons has brought a unique twist to the Pokemon universe, introducing new heroes, villains, and Pokemon that haven’t been seen in the games. This has made each new episode a thrilling experience for fans as they air in Japan.

The latest season of the Pokemon anime, Pokemon Horizons: The Series, is taking a different approach by featuring a new cast of characters and fresh storylines.

Pokemon Horizons Episode 4 sub: Release Date and where to watch

The new Pokemon anime series has already aired three episodes overseas, with Pokemon Horizons Episode 4 set to air soon. The series introduces new protagonists, including Liko and Roy, who take over from Ash Ketchum. The promo for Episode 4 teases Roy’s appearance and interaction with Liko in the anime. While the series has yet to receive an official international release, fans can stay up to date with the latest developments by checking out the promo below.

How to watch Pokemon Horizons Episode 4?

The upcoming Pokemon Horizons Episode, titled “The Adrift Treasure,” is set to debut in Japan on April 28th. The episode’s synopsis hints at an exciting adventure as the Rising Volt Tacklers’ airship is forced to make an emergency landing on a remote island, and Liko and Sprigatito must search for a missing Fuecoco. Meanwhile, Roy, a local boy, encounters a mysterious Pokemon on the island.

Pokemon Horizons Episode 4 sub: Release Date and where to watch
Roy and Liko finally meet in Pokemon Horizons episode 4. | ©The Pokemon Company

As of now, an international release date for the new episodes of Pokemon Horizons: The Series has not been announced by The Pokemon Company. However, the company did give some insight into what fans can expect from the new Pokemon anime. The series follows dual protagonists Liko, whose partner Pokemon is Sprigatito, and Roy, as they journey across the Pokemon world on an airship. Along the way, they encounter various characters, including the Rising Volt Tacklers led by Friede and Captain Pikachu. One of the members of the group, Orla, enjoys mechanical and electrical work and is accompanied by her partner Pokemon, Metagross.

As of now, there is no legal way to watch Pokemon Horizons Episode 4 outside of Japan, except in Canada. The Pokemon Company will likely drop a batch of Pokemon Horizons episodes in the US and the UK by June 2023. We’ll update you as more news comes out. Stay Tuned!

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