Pope Francis, head of the Vatican city had knowledge that his protégé had taken nude selfies as well as abused the seminarians. The Vatican received information regarding these revelations about the Bishop of Diocese of Oran.

According to the information received by the Vatican, an Argentine Bishop who was close to Pope Francis had taken nude selfies apart from exhibiting obscene behavior. This Bishop close to Pope Francis has even been accused of misconduct with the seminarians.

The information was published by The Associated Press which it had received from former Vicar General of Pope Francis.

This report has undermined the claims of the Vatican that the allegations of the sexual abuse against the Bishop who was close to Pope Francis had been made only months ago.

In August 2017, resignation of Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta was accepted by Pope Francis. This was after the complaint of the priests in the northern Argentine Diocese of Oran.

The complaint by the priests was regarding the authoritarian rule. There were also reports from former Vicar, Seminary Rector along with another Prelate.

Argentine Bishop Took Nude Selfies and Abused Seminarians
 Pope Francis accepted Zanchetta’s resignation after priests in the remote northern Argentine diocese of Oran rebelled under his authoritarian rule and sent reports to the Vatican embassy in May or June of 2017 alleging abuse of power and sexual abuses with adult seminarians, the former vicar said. (Javier Corbalan/Associated Press)

These reports were provided to the Vatican and alleged abuse of power as well as in appropriate behavior and sexual harassment of the seminarians. It is as stated by the former vicar, the Rev. Juan Jose Manzano.

Pope Francis’ latest implications over his decisions regarding Zanchetta

Pope Francis has lately been implicated over this scandal of Zanchetta. The Catholic hierarchy along with Pope Francis are now facing unparallel crisis of confidence.

It is because of this mishandled case of sexual abuse and misconduct.

The decision of Pope Francis to permit Zanchetta to resign quietly and then later promote him to the second position of one of the most sensitive offices of Vatican has pushed Francis into the spotlight.

The promotion of Zanchetta has also raised allegations against Pope Francis regarding his attitude towards such an unacceptable behavior.

Witnesses against Bishop Zanchetta

Manzano, the Vicar General of Oran who was under Zanchetta, stated that he was one of the diocesan officials who had raised the alarm regarding Zanchett, his boss in 2015. He claimed that he had even sent digital selfies to the Vatican.

Manzano had also said that he had made the second complaint to the embassy of Vatican. It was when the situations regarding the behavior of Zanchetta, the bishop close to Pope Francis were much more serious.

He said that it was also because of the diocese was rising heading into the abyss.

Pope Francis had known Zanchetta well and had thus named him to Oran as one of his first Argentine Bishop appointments as Pope in 2013. Oran is a humble city that is stretched in 1650 kilometers in Salta province.

This naming by Pope Francis was irrespective of the allegations against Zanchetta of abuses power. This abuse of power was when Zanchetta was when in charge of economic affairs in Quilmes. Quilmes was the home diocese of Zanchetta.

Source : Washington Post, Catholic World Report