Sony is reportedly working on an upgraded version of the PS5. This improved version is aptly named the PS5 Pro and, if reports are to be believed, will be much better than the original. One of these improvements includes improved ray tracing performance.

So, what should we expect from the new PlayStation 5 Pro? Stick around as we take a look at the latest rumours, possible upgrades, and possible release dates.

new PS5 Pro
Sony is reportedly working on an upgraded version of the PS5.

PS5 Pro Release Date

Although many websites claim that Sony is working on a new PS5 version, we don’t know for sure whether the PS5 Pro will indeed see the light of day or not. This is because, despite the countless rumours and speculation, Sony hasn’t confirmed that they are working on the pro version of their latest console.

If the PS5 Pro does happen, it’s likely to launch later this year or by early 2024.

PS5 Pro features and upgrades

The latest model is rumored to be an upgrade to the current model, which means it’s going to have better and more advanced features.

TCL Technologies predicted in 2022 that the latest device would offer up to 120 FPS gameplay at 2160p resolution, and it will be capable of playing games in 8K. The company also claimed that the inserted chip could be equivalent to the upcoming AMD Radeon RX 7700 XT GPU. This means that this product’s performance could be twice as higher as the original.

The device is also reportedly going to come with other features such as advanced ray-tracing, rendering techniques, and reconstruction techniques.

The PS5 Pro will be cheaper to produce

AMD new chips for PS5 Pro
AMD is developing new chips

The biggest update regarding the new model is that it will be cheaper to produce. This is thanks to the next-gen RDNA graphics chip based on Zen 3 architecture, which is expected to be used for Pro. AMD is reportedly working on these new chips which could make their way onto future consoles.

The PS5 Pro is also expected to be built using Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s new fabrication process called N6 (6nm) instead of the current N7 tech.

PS5 Pro Design

With so many hardware changes expected, it comes as no surprise that the PS5 Pro will look different from the original PlayStation 5.

Both the PS4 and PS4 Pro had similar designs with the Pro being a bit thicker than the PS4. The new model could have a similar design to the PS5, but it could be a bit thicker to accommodate the advanced hardware.

PS5 Pro Price

The PS5 retailed at $499

We do not have any details regarding the new model. Sony hasn’t confirmed whether it’ll be releasing a new console in 2023, so making price predictions can be a bit tricky.

The original model retailed for $499 when it was released. However, the PS5 Pro will likely retail at a higher price, due to improved graphics and performance. Expect the new version to cost between $599 to $699 when it finally releases.

It’s also possible that the original PS5 could be cheaper as it drops in price when the new product is released. The PS5 Pro will set the standard for modern consoles with updated specs.

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