Kiefer Sutherland Stars in Paramount+ Thriller

Paramount+ has developed a gripping thriller, Rabbit Hole, which is already creating a buzz among audiences with its thrilling storyline and excellent reviews. The talented Kiefer Sutherland plays the lead role of John Weir, a corporate spy falsely accused of murder. The show’s intense narrative revolves around Weir’s journey as he attempts to clear his name and uncover the truth behind the heinous conspiracy.

The show’s creators, John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, who have also directed the pilot, have exceptionally built tension and suspense throughout the series. With its fast-paced action, shady characters, and dramatic plot twists, Rabbit Hole has captured the attention of viewers worldwide.

The show brings back the memories of the iconic series “24” in many ways, with Sutherland’s performance drawing parallels to his captivating portrayal of US counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer. The one-hour episodes of “24” kept viewers glued to their screens, and similarly, Rabbit Hole packs a punch with its edge-of-the-seat suspense.

The show’s engaging characters and the tension-filled storyline make for a thrilling viewing experience that leaves audiences wanting more. With how the series has been designed, viewers are bound to keep coming back for more, and it is no surprise that Rabbit Hole has already established a strong fan following.

A Breakdown of Locations

If you’re wondering where Rabbit Hole was filmed, you might be surprised to learn that some significant locations were in Canada. The show takes place in New York, but through the magic of filmmaking, Ontario was used as a cheaper filming location.

Location 1 – Ontario, Canada

Ontario has long been used as a filming location due to its cheaper costs, and the architecture and streets are very easily converted to look like the mean streets of New York. Filming in Canada took place between May and September 2022.

Location 2 – Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is well known for its screen production industry. It has been used as a location for New York and other US locales and international cities such as Paris, London, Morocco, Saigon, and Tehran. For the production of Rabbit Hole, the set for the New York police station was the Toronto Metropolitan University. Social media provided some pictures from natives of the city who spotted cameras and crews filming at Adelaide and York Street.

Location 3 – Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton has seen quite a bit of filmmaking action over the years, and the team behind Rabbit Hole used a home on Amelia Street that was used as the house for one of the characters’ mothers. An area around Gore Park was also scouted for some filming, and the Royal Connaught Hotel was transformed into a New York City hotel called Decatur West NYC.

The set was dressed to make it more like New York. Some of the tricks used in production include lining the streets with yellow New York cabs, draping the outside buildings with American flags, and changing the license plates on cars on the set to US ones.


1. Is Rabbit Hole only available on Paramount+?

Rabbit Hole is a Paramount+ original, only available on that streaming platform. If you’re not subscribed to Paramount+, you must sign up to catch this thrilling new series.

2. When was Rabbit Hole filmed?

Production for the show took place between May and September of 2022. The show’s creators and cast worked tirelessly to bring the story to life, and the result is a tense, action-packed thriller that has already garnered excellent reviews.

3. Who stars in Rabbit Hole?

The lead role of John Weir is played by none other than Kiefer Sutherland, who brings his signature intensity and charisma to the character.