This recap contains spoilers for Rain Dogs Season 1 Episode 3.

Selby’s Debt

The episode revolves around Florian Selby and his efforts to clear his debt to his former cellmate Mason. Mason wants Selby to come up with twenty grand for a business venture within 48 hours. Selby tries his luck at gambling and approaches his wealthy mother, Allegra, for help. However, both attempts fail. In the end, Allegra pays off Mason, but with a catch. Selby must move to their house in Bruton, and his inheritance will be used to cover the thirty-grand payment.

Costello’s Date

Meanwhile, things are not going well for Costello. Her article defending sex work, published in the London Informer, has caused her daughter, Iris, to be bullied at school. Costello is also disappointed with her date with Richard, a photographer more interested in poverty-porn voyeurism than romance. Richard’s attempts at intimacy are unfulfilling and disturbing when he is caught inches from Costello’s sleeping face.

Why do Costello and Iris leave with Selby?

Towards the end of the episode, Selby suggests that Costello and Iris should come with him when he moves to Bruton. After considering their current circumstances, both agree to leave. Costello is still reeling from her job loss and the damage to her reputation, and Iris is being bullied at school. In addition, Costello receives a letter from her mother, inspiring her to start anew with Selby and Iris.

“I’m better than you,” Richard mutters as Costello throws him out.

Rain Dogs Season 1 Episode 3 ends with the trio leaving for a new life in Bruton. However, questions remain unanswered about Costello’s relationship with her mother and how it will play out.