In episode 6 of Rain Dogs, titled “Jesus Likes a Hustler,” we see Jade and Costello becoming more tolerant of each other. Costello, who wishes to return to London, faces the dilemma of wanting to visit Selby while staying within the terms of her refuge. Meanwhile, Gloria offers her a distraction, and Serena offers her and Iris a forever home by the sea in Thanet. Jade convinces Costello to try a webcam with her, and they create a lucrative business, unaware of its dark underbelly. Selby, who misses Iris, talks to Kenneth, his therapist, and Frida, a fellow patient at the facility, lies to Selby about Costello and Iris’s visit.


The episode begins with Costello wanting to return to London, but she isn’t content with the idea that God likes needy women. Jade suggests Iris hates Costello, and Frida, a fellow patient at the facility, has taken a liking to Selby, following him despite her condition. At the food bank, Costello runs into Richard, who volunteers there, and Gloria proposes a distraction for her by offering an abortion with her.

Serena offers Costello and Iris a forever home by the sea in Thanet, but the idea repulses Costello, who believes capitalism is the new religion of the 21st century. Jade convinces Costello to try a webcam with her, and they create a lucrative business that attracts abusive men who get off on the fantasy of beating up women. Selby has been calling Costello for a month but hasn’t visited.

Gloria gets all decked up and drunk for her abortion, but the attendant at the clinic says she needs to be sober to go through with it. Meanwhile, Selby talks to Kenneth, his therapist, about how much he misses Iris. Costello confronts her neighbor next door about the collapse of the building, applauded by the other residents as the couple walks away in defeat. Costello bids Jade an emotional goodbye as Gloria picks them up and decides to keep the baby. Costello breaks down crying, listening to the voicemail left by Selby, genuinely apologetic for his treatment of them and wanting to be with them.


Rain Dogs has been a riveting series with complex characters, and Costello’s characterization and expression have been a constant source of inspiration. Daisy May Cooper has shown a range of emotions and is rumored to be the next “M” in James Bond. Episode 6 is another well-written episode showcasing the characters’ vulnerabilities and strengths.


What are Rain Dogs?

Rain Dogs is a British television series created by Toby Whithouse that premiered on BBC One in March 2022. The series follows the lives of a group of people who live in a refuge in London.

Who stars in Rain Dogs?

Rain Dogs stars Daisy May Cooper, Declan Bennett, Alice Eve, John Simm, Aml Ameen, and Lynda Baron.