One of the best things about the internet is that people can fly their own nerd flags. Doesn’t matter if it’s Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Harry Potter. It’s a place to share your most unique thoughts. Thanks to the Reddit forum r/DelusionsOfAdequacy, we found a group that isn’t afraid to share their geeks.


1. Deadpool’s presence in the MCU.


2. Just to be clear.


3. Seems like a buddy cop movie.


4. The actual history of Physics.


5. Gardening, but with a twist.


6. Cannot fully believe this.


7. How gender-specific clothing should be, according to this person.


8. A book with a map on front.


9. Mother’s love is truly powerful.


10. Is that the imperial march?


11. A conversation between novels.


12. Never judge (actually do) a book by its cover.


13. Interesting dating profile.


14. Is there a possibility of it having feathers?


15. Is it a Harry Potter spin-off title?


16. “My music taste in a nutshell.”


17. Here’s how you can feel old.


18. The perfect chart of alignment.


19. Always aim to misbehave.


20. This person has an interesting shelf.


21. Wolverine = Wayne?


22. Pants for safety.


23. The GoT (Game of Thrones) Finale.


24. A crossover we’d definitely want.