The events of Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77 will continue from Chapter 76, promising to heighten the story and intrigue manga fans about its release date and potential developments.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77 will mark the resolution of the intense eighth battle between humans and gods, adding to the captivating conflict with escalating combat intensity.

Tesla from Record Of Ragnarok
Tesla from Record Of Ragnarok

The showdown between Tesla and Beel was inevitable and showcased unique elements of warfare characteristic of this genre, representing a clash between mythology and scientific prowess, unlike previous encounters.

Tesla, depicted as a robust and inventive man with unconventional creations, stands out from his factual counterpart and is portrayed with ingenuity and a belief in the positive impact of science on humanity. Beel, a mythical figure with dual roles as a nurturer and a destroyer, and limited insight into his past from the perspective of God add to the intrigue.

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When and Where to Access Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 77

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 77
Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 77

Chapter 77 of the popular Japanese manga Record of Ragnarok is set to be released on April 20, 2023, and can be accessed by readers on the official website of Coamix’s Monthly Comic Zenon

Chapter 77 of the manga Record of Ragnarok will be available for reading on the official websites of MangaHot and VIZ Media, granting fans easy access to the highly anticipated chapter.

The conflict between gods and humans is expected to reach a resolution in the upcoming chapter, and the raw scan for Record of Ragnarok chapter 77 is anticipated to be available by April 15, 2023.

The culmination of the ultimate battle in the manga is observed with a distinct tone, slightly more melancholic than in previous chapters.

Tesla extends a conciliatory hand to the injured Beel, proposing an amicable resolution to their dispute, providing a glimpse into how the series might ultimately conclude and the potential ramifications it could have on civilization at large.

Recap of Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 76

Beezelbub from Record of Ragnarok
Beezelbub from Record of Ragnarok

After a grueling battle, Tesla and Beel finally conclude their epic showdown, revealing different facets of Beel’s character in line with his mythology and interactions with other deities in the fictional universe.

Beel’s personality and formidable power are unveiled, showcasing his ability to vanquish adversaries as depicted in mythology.

In contrast, Tesla’s story as a scientist making remarkable discoveries is not grandiose, yet he represents the progress of human potential in a unique way, overcoming obstacles with his advancements.

“Record of Ragnarok” manga series narrates the monumental conflict of Ragnarok, where 13 gods and 13 humans clash, with the fate of humanity at stake, taking readers on an exhilarating journey filled with epic battles, captivating drama, and unexpected twists with each progressing chapter.

Checkout the breakdown of Chapter 76:

What to Anticipate in Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77?

Record Of Ragnarok 77
Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 77

In Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77, the ongoing conflict between gods and humanity reaches a new resolution, with a more peaceful tone than in previous battles.

Tesla extends a hand to Beel after their intense battle and proposes a peaceful resolution, giving readers a glimpse into a potential series finale and its impact on human history.

An observer in the audience, who appears to be Hades, smiles as he witnesses the unfolding events, hinting at the role of gods and demons in this world.

The formidable demeanour of the observer is only matched by Satan, the prince of hell, emphasizing the power dynamics between gods and demons in this fictional world.

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