Over the ages, people have been reiterating how drinking red wine can be beneficial for the body as a whole, and specifically for the liver. But how much truth is there to this claim? What is the daily alcohol limit, which is good for the body? What kind of alcohol should be preferred? These are the questions that need to be asked before taking anything seriously.

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Red wine an antioxidant

Red Wine benefits

Doctor John Rivas, a liver specialist in California, has suggested that alcohol can act as an antioxidant. He stated that the modern diet consists of large portions, fatty foods, and increased number of calories consumed. This fat can cause inflammation of the liver, and wine can help in preventing this information.

Furthermore, he added that it is necessary to moderate the consumption of alcohol instead of drinking it recklessly. Even red wine can be harmful if taken in large quantities. It is important to limit the consumption of wind to 2 glasses per day.

Can increase life expectancy

Moreover, a moderate amount of red wine consumed daily can increase life expectancy. Dr. Claudia Kawas, working at the University of California, suggests that drinking wine can decrease early death risk by nearly 18%.

Wine can also help improve the mental health of older people. According to a study conducted in Hines, Illinois, researchers established that moderate amount of red wine could decrease the risk of dementia among seniors. The research was based in Loyola University Medical Centre.

Dr. Kawas also added that drinking red wine regularly does not mean drinking it daily. People should limit the consumption of alcohol to only a few days per week.