Introducing a puppy into a home with numerous elderly cats might be difficult. Puppies, in particular, are usually full of activity and may struggle to acclimate to senior cats’ slower pace.

This can cause problems and make the cats feel stressed or threatened. Another issue is that puppies may play more roughly than older cats, resulting in unintentional injuries or fights.

One Redditor offered a tale that perfectly exemplifies this issue. “AITA for telling my mom not to spoil my grandparents‘ dog?” they inquire.

They live in a little house behind her grandparents’ house with her mother. They got a dog despite the fact that they were unable to care for themselves.

The dog frequently visits OP’s house, where their mother “spoils it rotten.” The dog wants to play with the OP’s three old, quiet cats.

OP attempts to punish the puppy whenever it attacks cats, but its mother is opposed and criticizes them. OP continually tells their mother that the dog must be trained, but she is unconcerned.

The cats appear to be terrified of the dog, and OP is furious with her mother for finding it amusing. Read the entire story here:

OP asks:

They live with her mom in a small house behind her grandparents’ house. Even though they are unable to take care of themselves, they got a dog.

The dog spends a lot of time at OP’s house, where their mom is “spoiling it rotten.”

OP owns three old, calm cats, and the puppy wants to play with them.

Poster tries to punish the puppy whenever it goes after cats, but their mom is against it and criticizes them.

OP is constantly telling their mom that the dog needs to be trained, but she doesn’t care.

The cats seem to be scared of the dog, and OP is angry at her mom for thinking it is hilarious.

OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole:

“Puppy or not, that dog can hurt your cats”

This Redditor has a different opinion:

Someone has to train that dog, and neither mom nor the grandparents are able or willing to train it

It is her grandparents’ dog

Punishing the dog is not a great idea

“The dog needs training, and cats are perfectly suited to do some of that training”

OP replied:

To solve these issues, it is critical to take the time to properly introduce the puppy to the cats as well as establish boundaries and rules for the animals to obey.

This could include using different feeding areas, offering plenty of hiding spaces and locations for the cats to retreat to, and overseeing interactions amongst the animals to ensure proper behavior.

It is also critical to lavish attention and care on the cats in order to make them feel more at ease with the new member of the family.