It’s common knowledge that dogs and cats dislike one another. But it’s very uncommon to see photographs and videos on the internet of dogs and cats getting along just fine. So which of the two is correct? Not all dogs and cats are the same. It also depends on whether or not we trained the dog properly.
Because not all dogs know how to act around cats.
Dogs who grew up without cats in the home will be unprepared to handle living with a cat and need time to adjust.
It’s critical to proceed with caution since dogs must learn to play gently with cats.
Especially kittens, who are much more vulnerable than other canines they’re used to.
This Reddit member chose to share her tale after adopting a kitty during a melancholy episode while living with her dog-owning roommate.
Her roommate informed her that her dog had shared a house with a cat. Also, there would be no problems between the two.
OP wanted to introduce them slowly because she was afraid the dog might hurt her kitten, and after all, the dog would get overly enthusiastic about the kitten, so OP assumed he would like the little kitty. As a result, she was often irritated since her roommate trusted her dog not to hurt the kitten.
After a recent incident in which the dog raced out of the home at OP’s cat, scaring her enough to have her go up a tree, she became increasingly frustrated with having to urge her roommate to handle her dog and advised her to “learn how to control your dog.” Because the OP thought she was being too irritating about the matter, she published her experience on Reddit in an attempt to address it with the support of Reddit users.


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After signing the lease, her roommate revealed that.

She would only live there for half of the duration of the lease.

OP decided to get a kitty during a depressive episode.
She says that this kitty is the only reason she’s alive today.

OP was protective of her cat since the day she got it

Her roommate would only help out after OP begged her too and she would always get angry about it

After an incident where the dog scared OP’s cat along with the neighbor’s cat is when OP decided it was enough and told her roommate to learn how to control her dog

Her roommate claimed that her dog is very well trained

She also shouldn’t have brought a cat into a dog’s house.

OP added more to the story in the comments

Most of the Redditors agreed that everyone is to blame in this story

Worth a try?

This comment covers pretty much everything



This Reddit situation is incredibly complex and emotional. As it concerns the dread of damage coming to a pet cat. The cat is extremely important to the original poster (OP). The OP went so far as to say that the cat is the only reason for their life. The Reddit community has determined that all parties involved are to blame, but we want users to express their thoughts.