Renfield might have received mixed reviews, but it still remains a fan favourite. The ending of Renfield did hint towards Renfield 2. So will fans get to see a sequel to this movie? This post explores the possibilities of the same.

The first movie is being seen as the beginning of a mammoth monster universe. Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) did manage to kill Dracula (Nicolas Cage), but we all know Dracula can’t be killed so easily. There must be some twist waiting to happen. But at the same time, it is not confirmed that Universal has agreed to renew the movie for a sequel.

Will we get to see Renfield 2?
Renfield 1 couldn’t make much money at the box office

Will We Get To See Renfield 2?

The possibility of Renfield 2 depends on the box office result. A movie can win the hearts of the audience and become a fan favourite, but if it doesn’t manage to garner enough money at the box office, it won’t be renewed for a sequel. We have seen in the past how several movies that were loved by critics and audiences didn’t get any sequels since the ROI was not adequate for the producers.

The same goes for Renfield. With a mammoth budget of $65 million, the movie has managed to clock just $7.7 million in the opening weekend. This isn’t a good result at all since Universal will be losing over $100 million. The fact that Renfield leaked online made matters worse.

Does The Failure Of Renfield Lower The Possibility Of Renfield 2?

You would probably be thinking that the box office failure of Renfield implies no sequel. But today, streaming platforms often come to the rescue of box office flops. Universal already has a deal with Peacock. Hence, every theatrical release from Universal will stream on Peacock. You can stream Renfield on Peacock around August 14. The movie might perform well on Peacock since audiences for streaming platforms tend to have a different taste than the ones who go to theatres.

 Characters That Can Be Seen In Renfield 2

It is likely that Renfield and Rebecca (Awkwafina) will make a comeback since they have formed a close bond. Teddy Lobo is dead in Renfield 1, so he won’t return. But his sinister plans and evilness might be carried forward by the matriarch of the Lobo crime family, Bellafrancesca (Shohreh Aghdashloo). Dracula was killed, but he can easily make a return in Renfield 2.

So right now, you can wait and hope that Universal approves Renfield 2. We’ll keep you updated with the latest update on the new season.