Every animal in the animal kingdom is born with some skills and passion. Like dogs are born to serve justice and help humans. That’s why we always see them in the police department. And just like humans, even dogs get retired from their service. 

But this retired K9 officer is proving he’s still a hero even after getting retired.

Why German shepherd dogs are the best among the rest.

Meet Maxx, the modern superhero of Florida.

The name of this superhero is Maxx, who is happily spending his retirement at his home in Florida. One day, a fire tried to burn his home but Maxx bravely save the day. 

Maxx proves that you don’t need a badge to help other people.

Despite being a retired police dog, Maxx shows that he is still up and running.

Maxx is everyone’s savior and role model.

Check out a video about brave Maxx below!