The Batman interviews have revealed a lot about how Robert Pattinson picks his roles. Specifically, the actor has told his agent that he wants to play “freaks.” With his DC picture finally releasing to great box office success and his Twilight history presumably behind him, studios will be looking at what options they have that could entice Pattinson to join their next production. We’re getting information on one of these opportunities. A reliable insider for Giant Freakin Robot has revealed that Robert Pattinson is being considered for a reboot of The Crow.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson


Clearly, we are still in the early stages. Our insider stated that Robert Pattinson is a top contender for a reboot of The Crow but that they have not yet spoken with the actor. Will he be interested in doing the part? We have no idea what he’ll think of it. Previously, a reboot of the 1994 dark fantasy film starring Jason Momoa was attempted. Fans were stunned by how well Momoa looked to match the role when a test video from the film was revealed online. When that reboot was canceled, many assumed it was the end of the series. The Crow, on the other hand, has a lot going for it.

The 1994 film was a critical and commercial triumph. It was created before comic book adaptations had the clout they do now. And The Crow Reboot has filmmaker Corin Hardy, who appears to be committed to the project. These elements may be enough to keep the relaunch alive. Will they, however, be enough to entice Robert Pattinson?

In the 1994 picture, Brandon Lee portrayed Eric Draven. He tragically died while The Crow was being filmed. They painstakingly re-edited the film to create the final product, which they dedicated to Brandon Lee and his fiance. While the events surrounding the first film may appear to be unrelated to the reboot, they may be something an actor considers before taking on the role. Any new performance will be measured against Brandon Lee’s. Will Robert Pattinson want to carry on The Crow’s legacy?

The Crow should have a great, distinctive, and dark story to its credit. That appears to be what Robert Pattinson seeks in his endeavors. Of course, that might be too similar to what he did with The Batman. After all, the title contains two winged beings, both dark storylines, and both comic book adaptations, so it’s possible he’ll find them comparable. However, it appears likely that by the time a reboot for The Crow occurs–assuming they are successful this time–Robert Pattinson will have appeared in several other films.

For many, this remake has appeared doomed over the years, but this is apparently due to their efforts to put the perfect components in place. Will Robert Pattinson be the actor needed to bring it all together? It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.