Looks like Rupert Murdoch’s life of true love isn’t going as planned.

The conservative media mogul, who is 92 years old, is said to have broken up with Ann Lesley Smith, who is 66 years old, less than three weeks after he said she would be his fifth wife.

Rupert Murdoch

Last year, they met at an event at his vineyard in Bel Air, California. Before they broke up, they had planned to get married this summer.

At the time of the engagement, Smith told Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper, the New York Post, that she and the Fox News boss shared “the same beliefs.” However, Vanity Fair says that this may not have been true.


Sources told the publication that Rupert Murdoch and Smith’s relationship went bad because he grew “increasingly uncomfortable” with Smith’s outspoken evangelical views, who could have been his fifth wife.

Another source told the Daily Mail that the two broke up because Smith “just could not cope with being in the public eye” and Rupert Murdoch realized that “he will always be in the public eye and there is nothing he can or would do to change that.”

Not surprisingly, people on Twitter shared their own ideas.