Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of RWBY Season 9 Episode 6. The series is known for its breathtaking visuals, great characters, and exciting storylines. In this volume of the animation series, our four heroines of Team RWBY are in the realm of ‘Ever After’ after the fall of Atlas.

Episode 5 of the fantasy series was one of the top-rated episodes of the series in a while. Here’s when the next episode of RWBY will release:

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RWBY Season 9 Episode 6 Release Date and Time

Attention RWBY fans! The latest episode of RWBY is scheduled to be released at the following times:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 09:00 AM PDT on Saturday, March 25, 2023
  • Central Daylight Time (USA): 11:00 AM CDT on Saturday, March 25, 2023

Where To Watch RWBY Season 9 Episode 6 Online?

The latest episode of RWBY chapter 9 is available on Crunchyroll, the exclusive streaming partner of the latest season of RWBY, unlike the previous season. Season 1 to season 8 of the anime is available on Roosterteeth’s website.

To watch all the episodes of the fantasy series, you must have a subscription to Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll fan membership costs $7.99 a month, while the mega-fan tier subscription costs $9.99 a month. Crunchyroll also has many mainstream animes on its platform, such as One Piece, Demon Slayer, etc.

RWBY Volume 9 Episode 5 Recap

RWBY Season 9
Episode 5 of the season has an 8.9 rating on IMDb. | ©Crunchyroll

Continuing on from the events in episode 4, Team RWBY goes to a waterfront market to get a “grow-gurt parfait” that can return Ruby’s friends to their normal size. They also learn that the denizens of Ever After are reincarnated unless they are eaten by the Jabberwalker and that the Red King becomes the Prince. While they are buying ingredients, Ruby meets a Blacksmith who offers to help change her identity.

When the Jabberwalker attacks the port, Ruby becomes anxious and swaps her emblem for the last remaining element, which can rejuvenate her friends. With the help of the Rusty Paladin, they defeat the Jabberwalker, only to find out that it was an illusion created by Neo. As more Jabberwalker duplicates appear, the Curious Cat stalls them while Team RWBY escapes with the Knight, who is revealed to be a much older Jaune.

.Get Excited for the Jaune Arc!

How many episodes will be in this season?

RWBY Season 9 will have ten episodes. There are expected to be no mid-season breaks. So the season’s finale is set to be on 22 April 2023. The season is heading toward a grand finish.