Sam Smith wore a devil costume on the first night of their much-anticipated Gloria world tour, which started in Sheffield on Wednesday night

The 30-year-old singer wore a variety of edgy and eye-catching outfits as they put on a very energetic show and sang their hit songs.

Sam Smith, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, dressed up as the devil for one look. They wore a black top hat with red horns sticking out of it.

People didn’t like their recent “satanic” BRITs performance, so they held on to a red sequined pitchfork and played while fires burned around them.

The Unholy hitmaker wore a black bustier, fishnet tights, and over-the-knee boots with red laces. They are known for using religious imagery in their performances.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith

They finished off their cool outfit with a black cape coat with big puffy sleeves that swept across their shoulders.


Sam Smith then took off their shirt and wore black underwear, fishnet tights, and black boots while they did a cover of Madonna’s hit song “Human Nature” without shirts.

They wore gloves that reached their elbows and wore a long, sheer veil over their shoulders. A gold wire headpiece held the veil in place on their heads.

Later, they changed into a very fancy pink ruffled tulle dress that they wore in the music video for their song “I’m Not Here to Make Friends.”

Sam was joined on stage by a group of backup dancers wearing sheer silver outfits with glitter and waving pink fans at the star.

In another outfit, Sam wore an emerald green dress with puffy sleeves and gloves that matched. They sang while the word “Queer” was written in ribbons above them.

Sam also changed into a white shirt and black tie, which they wore with gold pants and a jeweled corset that matched.

As they performed with a group of backup singers, they topped off their dazzling looks with gold sailor hats.

Sam Smith

Sam has already started their Gloria tour and will play in London next week. In May, they will play a number of shows in Europe.

It’s not the first time Sam has used religious imagery in their performances. At the BRITs, 100 people complained to Ofcom about it.

In February, they played their new hit song “Unholy” with Kim Petras, who is 30 years old.

Sam dressed as the devil, with horns coming out of their hat, just like they did at the Grammys a week earlier.

A spokesperson from Ofcom said:

We received 106 complaints about The Brit Awards on ITV1 on 11 February.

The majority of complaints related to Sam Smith’s performance, with the remainder about the use of offensive language and consumption of alcohol.

It happened just a week after people watched Sam and Kim’s “satanic” performance of “Unholy” at the Grammys and said it was bad.

Sam wore satanic headgear in the performance, which was based on a horror movie. People took to social media to complain about the ‘demonic’ themes.

One tweeted:

I know we on the right probably use the word satanic too often but this performance from Sam Smith is literally a tribute to Satan.

Sam Smith

Another added:

You don’t have to be super religious to be disturbed by that Sam Smith devil-worshiping performance.

One viewer stated:

That Sam Smith performance was weird I had to look away like why artists so obsessed with the devil????

After the performance, host Trevor Noah made a joke about how some people would be upset by the satanic themes.

While pretending to talk to his mother on the phone, he was heard saying:

No, mom, it wasn’t the actual devil… Yeah, you did warn me about Hollywood.