Savannah Chrisley said that she was kicked off a Southwest Airlines trip because she was an ‘unruly passenger.’

The reality TV actress, 25, took to Instagram Stories on Thursday to describe the ‘terrible experience,’ which occurred while she was attempting to board a flight at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport.

Savannah Chrisley, who previously opened up about her mental difficulties, was on her way back to Tennessee when an airline attendant allegedly ‘threw her off the flight’ when she refused to check her carry-on luggage.

‘Alright guys, so I officially know why everyone hates Southwest so much. I mean absolutely hates it — the worst thing in the entire world,’ she stated in the clip.

She then showed an airline attendant at the gate, and said, ‘This man right here… um, awful. I went to board my flight and he told me that I had to check my bag. I was like, “Okay, if you wouldn’t mind, I’m gonna take my bag on the flight, see if I can’t make it fit and if not, I’ll check it.”‘

Savannah Chrisley

When the attendant told her it wasn’t an option and she’d have to check the bag, she said she’d check first to see if there was room for her bag on the plane.

That’s when the flight attendant allegedly referred to her as “an unruly passenger.”

Savannah Chrisley claims that the pilot intervened and took her side, asking the attendant to ‘cool down’ and promising to find a room for the luggage.

However, this did not improve the problem. ‘The Southwest attendant literally looked at the captain — the man who was flying our plane and was in charge of our safety — and said keep out of it,’ she explained.

‘Now, I’m not gonna lie, when this Southwest attendant told the pilot to calm down I told him that there was no need for him to be an a****e today and then he threw me off the flight.’

Savannah Chrisley told the attendant that, ‘I had a 10-year-old that I had to absolutely get home to tonight and well, the Southwest attendant said “I don’t care.”‘

‘I told him that I hope he finds a better purpose for his life. Maybe I shouldn’t have said it, but the devil came over me and Jesus did not come out,’ Savannah stated.

The youngster in question is most likely her niece, Chloe, for whom she took primary custody after her parents, Todd, 53, and Julie Chrisley, 49, were sentenced to prison for tax evasion last November. Grayson, her 16-year-old brother, is also under legal guardianship.

Savannah Chrisley


Savannah Chrisley updated her admirers on the issue and eventually went to Instagram to thank the ‘good-looking’ pilot for defending her.

‘Southwest you’re awful, but to the pilot who stood up for me and was a real good looking guy — my hat goes off to you. You’re great. Maybe switch airlines,’ she said, adding that he was ‘kinda hot.’

She eventually made it to a connecting flight through Baltimore, and she appeared to find a silver lining in the drama as she smiled and boasted about having an entire row to herself.

Savannah Chrisley stepped in to help raise her younger siblings after her father, Todd, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for a $30 million tax fraud, while her mother, Julie, received a seven-year sentence.

She recently confessed on Unlocked With Savannah Chrisley that she is having difficulty juggling romance now that she is raising her brother and niece.

‘It’s hard, it is extremely…,’ she said while discussing her dating life.

‘I’m helping to raise my 10-year-old sister and 16-year-old brother, and I’m trying to date. And I’m like, “What do you do with them?”‘ she admitted. ‘The 16-year-old, he drives [and] all that, but the 10-year-old I’m like, “You gotta maybe come have dinner with me.”‘

Savannah Chrisley is best known for her roles in the now-canceled Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley on USA Network.