Saw II is a sequel to the popular horror film Saw. The movie premiered on October 28th, 2005, and was directed by Darren Lyn Bousman and written by Leigh Whannell.

The Plot

The film returns Tobin Bell as John, the Jigsaw killer, and Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young. Donnie Wahlberg plays the role of Eric Matthews, and Franky G is cast as Xavier.

The movie revolves around a group of ex-convicts trapped in a house with the Jigsaw killer. They struggle to stay alive while attempting to find an antidote that may kill them in the next two hours. The group must complete various life-threatening tasks to retrieve the cure while viewers wait at the edge of their seats to see who survives.

Saw II Movie Ending Explained

The movie begins with a police informant named Michael, who is trapped in a room with a spiked mask around his neck. He has a minute to retrieve the key hidden behind his right eye, as instructed by a video recording. However, the pain is too much, and the mask kills him.

Eric Matthews and Allison Kerry, two detectives investigating the murder of Michael, find a letter addressed to them, written by the Jigsaw Killer. They track down the murderer’s hideout and capture him. But, the man is severely weakened by his cancer and mentions that eight people are trapped somewhere.

It seems like John is in a mood to play because he informs the police that the eight victims are breathing in a toxic agent that will kill them in the next two hours. He has hidden the antidote within the house’s perimeter, and all the eight people have to do is find it, use it, and run to freedom. John demands to talk with Eric for the two hours the people trapped in the house trying to find the antidote.

At The Playhouse

We are then taken to the house to meet with the eight people: Daniel, Amanda, Xavier, Jonas, Gus, Addison, Laura, and Obi. They find a recording that informs them of the game and its time limit. John’s sick game is set in motion once the group finds clues all over the room.

They become more cautious, but it is barely of any help as Obi is the one who dies next when a letter tells the group that Obi is working with the Jigsaw Killer. He is forced to enter the furnace area to get the antidote, but he burns alive.

The next task is meant for Xavier, who has an intimate drug experience. Still, his cowardly nature takes over, and he pushes Amanda, forcing her to get the antidote, while he runs for his life after abandoning the group.

Xavier’s Second Attempt

At the game house, Xavier returns with the group and kills Jonas in just a few moments. While he tries to get the number from everybody’s neck, Laura gives in to the toxic agent and faints.

The rest find that Daniel and Eric are related and decide to go forward without him. While trying to escape Xavier, Addison finds herself in a room with an antidote, but she hurts her hands while trying to reach for it. Instead of helping her, Xavier looks at the number and lets her die.


Q: Is Saw II scarier than the first movie?
A: It depends on personal preferences, but most people would say that the first Saw movie was scarier than the sequel.

Q: Do I need to watch the first Saw movie to understand Saw II?
A: It’s not necessary, but it would certainly help. Watching the first movie would give you a better understanding of the Jigsaw Killer’s character and his motivations.

Q: Who directed Saw II?
A: Darren Lynn Bousman directed Saw II, as well as Saw III and Saw IV.

Q: Did Saw II receive positive reviews from critics?
A: The movie received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its clever and gruesome story, while others felt it didn’t live up to the first movie’s standards.

Q: Who starred in Saw II?
A: Tobin Bell played the Jigsaw Killer, Shawnee Smith played Amanda Young, and Donnie Wahlberg played Eric Matthews. Franky G also starred as Xavier.

Q: What is the Saw II movie about?
A: The movie revolves around a group of eight people who are trapped in a house with the Jigsaw Killer. They must complete life-threatening tasks to find an antidote to save their lives. Meanwhile, the police try to track down the killer and save the hostages.