Parade magazine recently interviewed Scarlett Johansson, the star of the upcoming Marvel film Black Widow. While the interview may seem out of place for a Hollywood A-lister like Johansson, it was a smart move by the studio to promote the film to a broader audience. In the interview, Johansson opened up about motherhood, her love for the New York Yankees, and her career in Hollywood.

Scarlett’s Rejection

One of the most exciting revelations in the interview was Johansson’s admission that she’d been rejected for many roles throughout her career.

“Since an early age, I’ve been rejected constantly,” she said. “I’ve basically made a career out of being second choice.”

This is surprising considering Johansson’s success in recent years, but it’s a reminder that even the biggest stars in Hollywood face rejection.

Motherhood and New York

Johansson also spoke about her experience as a mother in New York. She explained that she enjoys raising her 5-year-old daughter, Rose, in the same neighborhood where she grew up.

“One of the great privileges of raising your kids where you grew up is that you get to do the stuff and see the things you did when you were a kid,” she said.

Family is essential to Johansson, and she’s found a way to balance her successful acting career with her role as a mother.

Scarlett’s Love Life

The interview also touched on Johansson’s engagement to Colin Jost, a writer and comedian she’s been with since 2017.

When asked about a wedding date, Johansson responded with a laugh and a “no comment.”

It’s clear that Johansson is protective of her private life and careful not to reveal too much to the public. However, she did call Jost “the love of my life,” so it’s clear that the two are still going strong.


Overall, Johansson’s interview with Parade magazine gave a rare glimpse into her personal life and journey to the top of Hollywood. While she may have faced rejection early in her career, she’s now one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry. Johansson is a talented actress, a dedicated mother, and a private person who values her relationships. Black Widow is set to hit theaters in July, and fans are eager to see Johansson back in action as the beloved Marvel character.


Q: What did Scarlett Johansson discuss in her Parade magazine interview?
A: Johansson spoke about her love for the New York Yankees, her experience as a mother in New York, her career in Hollywood, and her engagement with Colin Jost.

Q: What did Johansson reveal about her career in the interview?
A: Johansson admitted that she’s been rejected for many roles and has “basically made a career out of being second choice.”

Q: When is Black Widow coming out?
A: Black Widow is set to hit theaters in July.

Source: Celebitchy