School Spirits, the mystery series that centers around Maddie, a teenager trying to figure out who killed her, has recently concluded its first season. The show aired on Paramount+ from March 9, 2023, to April 13, 2023, with many viewers wondering who the culprit behind Maddie’s death was. This article provides all the details, including suspects and plot twists.

Who killed Maddie in School Spirits?

In a shocking twist, it turns out that nobody killed Maddie. The revelation left audiences stunned and craving more, as it forms part of the second season’s premise. Although technically speaking, Maddie may still be alive; it remains to be seen whether this idea will be explored in the upcoming season.

Who were the suspects in School Spirits Season 1?

Several characters emerged as potential suspects in Maddie’s killing throughout the first season.


At the beginning of the season, Xavier was the prime suspect. He had Maddie’s phone and the motive to eliminate her as he was cheating on her with Claire, whom he wanted to be with. However, his innocence was eventually proven.

Mr. Anderson

Another suspect was Mr. Anderson, Maddie’s supportive teacher. Maddie never believed he could be the culprit, but after Simon investigated his phone, it was revealed that he was in contact with Claire. Nevertheless, his alibi and new evidence cleared him of suspicion.


Claire, the other girl Xavier was cheating with, was also a suspect. If Maddie were out of the picture, Claire could have Xavier to herself. At the prom, Claire reveals to Xavier that she found out Mr. Anderson was stealing money and had decided to blackmail him to get good grades.


Mid-season, Maddie’s best friend, Nicole, became suspicious when she tried to delete evidence from a school computer. Simon confronted her, and she admitted to blackmailing Mr. Anderson with the video she had recorded because she didn’t have the money to attend the same school as Maddie and Simon.


Finally, Maddie’s mother, Sandra, became a suspect when Simon found Maddie’s necklace in an envelope that resembled the money. After a heated argument between Sandra and Simon, Maddie recalled her last conversation with her mother. She gave her the necklace back during their fight, and Sandra has had it ever since.

What was the plot twist in School Spirits Season 1?

The big plot twist comes after the argument between Maddie and her mother. In the boiler room, Maddie overhears Mr. Martin and Janet arguing. When she opens the door, Janet runs towards her, and it appears that her spirit enters Maddie’s body.

In reality, a ghost may possess Maddie, and she has been stuck in the afterlife, trying to figure out who killed her. During a recon mission, Nicole, Xavier, and Claire glimpse someone driving away in Xavier’s truck. Nicole takes a picture of the person in the rearview mirror, which turns out to be Maddie. Simon believes that Maddie is a figment of his imagination and gives up.


Is there going to be a second season of School Spirits?

As of now, there has been no official announcement of a second season, but the show’s creators have left room for a continuation, and fans are eagerly waiting for an update.

How many episodes are there in the first season of School Spirits?

The first season of School Spirits consists of eight episodes.

Is Maddie alive or dead?

Maddie is dead, but her spirit is still present, trying to figure out who killed her.

Who killed Maddie in School Spirits?

In a shocking plot twist, it turns out that nobody killed Maddie, and another ghost might have possessed her spirit.

Who were the suspects in the killing of Maddie?

Throughout the show, there were several suspects, including Xavier, Mr. Anderson, Claire, Nicole, and Sandra, but eventually, all of them were cleared of the charges.

Is School Spirits a horror show?

School Spirits have some horror elements, but it’s more of a supernatural mystery series.

Where can I watch School Spirits?

School Spirits is a Paramount+ original series, and it’s available to stream exclusively on the Paramount+ platform.