In episode 7 of School Spirits, the plot thickens as the students try to uncover the truth behind the scandalous accusations against Mr. South. Simon visits Nicole, who has been absent all weekend, to find out what happened to her. They discuss Mr. South’s case and whether he might be innocent. Meanwhile, Maddie struggles to regain her memories and help Mr. South, and her mother begins to suspect that someone might have sneaked into Maddie’s room.

The Recap

The episode begins with Simon visiting Nicole to check on her after she failed to pick him up for school. He finds out she has been working on her portfolio, and they discuss Mr. South’s case. Simon suggests they should sneak into the evidence room to find more information, and Nicole tries to delete some files on the school computer without success.

Meanwhile, Maddie still struggles to recover her memories of what happened with Mr. South. Wally tries to help her by recreating her last lunch, but it doesn’t work. Maddie’s mother wakes up after a night of drinking and suspects that someone might have been in Maddie’s room. Later, she nearly runs over Mr. South, who tries to approach her to explain his innocence.

Simon returns to the school and finds Maddie at the bus station. He shares his theory with her that Mr. South might be innocent, but Maddie dismisses it and asks him to find evidence instead.

The Review

This episode of School Spirits provides an intriguing plot that keeps the viewers engaged. The mystery surrounding Mr. South’s innocence deepens as Maddie struggles to regain her memories, and her mother suspects something is amiss. Simon’s plan to sneak into the evidence room adds a new layer of suspense, and Nicole’s strange behavior when the scandalous video is mentioned keeps us guessing about what she might be hiding.

The subplot involving Maddie’s mother and her suspicions adds an exciting twist to the story, and the dynamic between Simon and Nicole intrigues us. The episode ends with Maddie dismissing Simon’s theory, leaving us wondering what she knows that the others don’t.


Q: What are School Spirits about?

A: School Spirits is a show that follows a group of high school students who investigate supernatural mysteries that haunt their school. In each episode, they face a new challenge and work together to uncover the truth behind the paranormal activity.

Q: Who are the main characters in School Spirits?

A: The main characters in School Spirits are Simon, Maddie, Xavier, Nicole, Wally, Charley, Rhonda, Mr. Martin, and Mr. South. Each character brings a unique perspective and skill set to the group, helping them solve the mysteries they encounter.

Q: What is the mystery surrounding Mr. South’s innocence?

A: Mr. South, the school janitor, is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. However, some students, including Simon and Maddie, believe he might be innocent. As they continue to investigate, they uncover new evidence and try to unravel the truth behind the scandalous accusations.