When you were a child, you looked at your parents as if they were innocent. When children begin to assess things with their somewhat world-molded mindsets, the pink glasses are put aside. You realize that your parents are just like you.

It’s just a matter of how intense those secrets are, and more than some have secrets, it’s just a matter of how traumatized they’ve been.

Someone on Reddit asked fellow users: “what horrid secrets do your parents have and are oblivious to you being aware of?”. People took turns exposing their parents’ deepest and darkest secrets after reading the post. Do you know your parents?



It’s not a secret, but I sometimes hear my dad talking about my mom who died suddenly years ago. He usually tells her that he misses her. I overheard my sister’s husband tell my mom how great of a husband he is and how great of a wife he is when he was outside his room at her wedding. He wished she was with him when he watched his child marry because he always talked about that moment. We rarely talk about my mom at home, but 14 years later she’s still alive in his heart. It’s hard at times.



My parents are cheating on their current other halves. With each other.



My grandfather left 140k$ American in a trust for me. It wasn’t touched until after my parents passed away so that they could make as much money as possible from the investments they had arranged. After my grandfather died, no one in the family knew he was an oil tycoon. I got a call from the bank asking how I would handle closing the accounts. I had no idea that my parents had been taking medical bills from themselves and altering them to have my name on them. They should be sent to the bank to pay my medical bills. The trust was completely dry in less than 5 years.
The money was used to make their home better. I don’t think I have a chance. Whatever. I have my own retirement at 35 years old. It makes me angry that they would steal from me.



My dad used to talk about growing up poor and having to go to food banks. He donates to food banks and all sorts of charities now that he owns his own business. Paying it back.

My father’s father owned a construction company that made millions of dollars in the 50s and 60s. My uncle was busted for selling cocaine and was kept out of jail for most of his life because my grandfather bankrupted himself to pay off judges and lawyers. Dad was raised with nothing.

He isn’t aware that I know.



My grandma has a picture of my mom. When I was two, my parents separated. My grandma was told by my dad to get rid of everything about her. My grandma showed me the only picture she kept that my dad doesn’t know about. I’ve never seen a picture of her before.



A naked Polaroid of my dad was found in a box full of tiny lingerie that my mum used to wear. It’s nice to mom, but ugh.

I didn’t look through other people’s s**t after that day.



My dad used to sell his valuable football cards and other stuff at pawn shops so he could afford presents for my sister and me when we were younger. It’s not necessary, Dad, but I love you.



We were close to my dad’s family when I was a child. When my grandparents came up to talk to my parents about an adult issue, I was told to stay in my room with the door shut. We never spoke to them again after that, except for one letter that I got from them expressing sympathy for my grandmother who had passed away. I didn’t know what happened.

We met for coffee after I found a cousin on Facebook and we went to the same college. My mom opened a bunch of credit cards and racked up a bunch of debt in my grandma’s name that she never had any intention of paying back. She doesn’t know that I kept it between us.



My partner isn’t aware he’s adopted. His family doesn’t know either.



My mom was kidnapped. I don’t know anything about it. My life made sense when I found out about my mom’s behavior.



My mom was searching for AA. Having Kids was the first point on her list of life resentments. I was looking for my social security card to apply for my first job. She put it in a safe.



My mom had surgery on her face when I was a child and came back to recover for weeks. She had a mole removed on her face. Her A’s turned into D’s. That was a side effect of face surgery.



My mom doesn’t know that she has been struggling with depression for a long time. I was told by my dad. She has put up a lot over the years. It’s hard for someone without depression. For the longest time, I considered my mom a very happy person who wasn’t easily flustered. This was a complete shock. I think she is trying to protect me. I’m in my twenties. It’s messed up.



My mom talks about me to my siblings. My siblings didn’t tell me either. She was talking to my brother on the phone. What a b**ch.



My mom and I went to a doctor’s appointment when I was 11. I heard my mom say “and you got an abortion last January?” after the doctor ran through her medical history. It shook me up because I never saw it coming, but I was old enough to understand what the term meant.