The Importance of Consent in Romantic Relationships and How Ben Barnes’ Character in Shadow and Bone Demonstrates It

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Barnes’ Consideration in Love Matters

Concerning healthy romantic relationships, the concept of consent cannot be overstated. In the hit show Shadow and Bone, actor Ben Barnes ensured that his character, General Kirigan, was more considerate regarding love matters.

In the first season’s fifth episode, viewers witnessed the long-awaited kiss between Alina and the Darkling. Barnes revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that there was a lot of thought given to how this particular scene should be portrayed on TV, and the whole crew decided that Alina should be the one to initiate the kiss.

However, Barnes was not completely sold on the idea just yet. He understood the importance of setting the right example for the audience and fought to include a line in the scene. “I wanted to add something, which ended up being, ‘Are you sure?’ She’s still an orphan who doesn’t understand the rules with this man willing to burn things to the ground and manipulate his power,” he shared.

Barnes’ Efforts in Developing The Darkling’s Character

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Barnes put a lot of effort into developing The Darkling’s character, and it was important to him to bring something of his own to the role. As an actor, he had to devise ways to motivate his character’s choices. Fans embraced this, and many appreciated Barnes’s depth to the surface.

“I think the idea was to make the Darkling more multifaceted. In the books, he’s basically ‘evil,’ but we never really find out why, and we aren’t ever really given solid motives for his actions. And if I remember right, Ben Barnes loves giving villains that other side,” a Reddit user pointed out.

Season 2 and Beyond

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Luckily, season 2 of Shadow and Bone is already on its way, giving fans another chance to see the new changes that Barnes will make to his character. Barnes has demonstrated an unquestionably reliable moral compass when making sure there is enthusiastic consent, and this is a positive example for viewers to see in romantic relationships.