Megyn Kelly seems to be going on the offensive once more. It looks like singer John Legend told TMZ a few things about the podcaster after she called his wife, Chrissy Teigan out.

Now, the media personality who has conservative views is coming back for more.

John Legend had some choice words for yours truly after I mocked his elitist, out-of-touch wife for having her minions carrying her ‘train’ to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner while she was showing off her underwear,

Megyn Kelly told her listeners last Monday.

This was basically a reference to what she had said previously about the model’s attendance at the event, which Megyn Kelly had called a “nerd prom with White House reporters and D-list entertainers.” Well, that seemed like a pretty clear jab at Legend.


Meghan Kelly Continues to Attack Chrissy Teigen

Megyn Kelly then gave a response to John Legend’s criticism that the podcaster was “desperate for attention.” She said that because he was married to Chrissy Teigan, he had a “warped” view of women.

She showed a picture from the Cravings author’s Instagram page from three years ago on the screen. The black-and-white picture showed Teigen crying over her unborn child, whom she had to give up because of complications with her pregnancy.

Megyn Kelly mocked Teigen’s post, claiming that it was just another one of her publicity stunts.

When she takes photos of her abortion and treats it as a PR opp — something that should be the most private and intimate of moments in a couple’s life — it’s probably extremely uncomfortable,

said the talk show host.

By “abortion,” Kelly was referring that Teigen later admitted that she couldn’t carry the pregnancy to term, forcing doctors to make a heartbreaking yet life-saving decision.

Megyn Kelly Slams Chrissy Teigen, Calls Her "Needy, Attention-Starved Bully"

Kelly pointed out the online bullying by Teigen, telling her listeners to check out Candace Owens’s research on the aspect.

Chrissy Teigen is a sick, relentless, cruel, self-aggrandizing, needy, attention-starved bully,

the podcaster concluded.

She deserves every bit of criticism she gets. And trust me, there’s plenty more in our arsenal if Mr. Legend would like to continue the argument.

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