Silo Episode 5 will bring new twists and turns, especially for Juliette, who will receive tragic news. The fifth episode of this famed series will be released soon. Keep reading to know in detail about all the major facts related to Silo Episode 5- spoilers, release date and more.

Silo episode 5 watch online
Silo Episode 5 will be out in few days

Silo Episode 5 Release Date

The next episode titled The Janitor’s Boy,” will release on May 26, 2023 (Friday) at 12 a.m. EST, 9 p.m. PT, 4 p.m.
AEDT,9:30 am IST & 5 am GMT

Silo Episode 5 Watch Online

Want to know how to watch Silo Episode 5 online? There are two options for watching the next episode of Silo. Get a Hulu or Apple TV+ subscription. Opt for a 7-day free trial on Apple TV + and  then pay £6.99, $6.99, or AU$9.99 a month.

Silo Episode 5 Spoilers

Episode two, titled “The Janitor’s Boy,” will focus on Billings as he takes over as chief deputy. Juliette’s safety is his first priority, and he may end up learning some facts about the killings in the course of events. Since Juliette uncovered George’s file concealed in Holston’s house, the next episode might clarify what transpired with George and give additional information to the entire world at large.

silo episode 5 spoilers
The cast of Silo

Silo Episode 5 Cast

  • Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette
  • Rashida Jones as Allison
  • David Oyelowo as Holston
  • Common as Sims
  • Tim Robbins as Bernard
  • Iain Glen as Pete Nichols
  • Harriet Walter as Martha Walker
  • Chinaza Uche as Paul Billings
  • Avi Nash as Lukas Kyle

How many episodes are left in Silo?

Silo will consist of 10 episodes. We are currently at the halfway mark, so expect many new twists and turns in the deep underground world of Silo. The finale will air on June 30, 2023.

Will there be Silo Season 2?

The series has been a hit, and fans might get to see a second season as well. The confirmation for a second season will be revealed later, and we’ll inform you about it soon.