Stirring Up a Hornet’s Nest

The fifth episode of Sky High begins with Sole and Carmen on a bus in Lisbon. Sole is setting up a meeting with Mateo to discuss the problems the Colombians have with her gang members. Sole pleads her ignorance of the actions of Poli, Motos, and Campi, while Mateo is not pleased with the move but respects Angel. Sole strikes a secret deal with Carmen to sell the stolen merchandise and increase its value manifolds without Mateo’s knowledge.

The Robbery

Mercedes waits outside the football stadium for Sole while Rosa is home with Marta. They break into the house where the safe is on the ground floor, but the pervert neighbor of the house takes out his binoculars and watches the two girls from his home. The neighbor eventually calls the police, and they arrive soon after the robbers try to leave.

The pervert neighbor takes out his hunting rifle and begins shooting at them. He shoots Gitano in the leg, but Fernan is shot in the chest. Rosa takes Fernan in her car and to a safe house. The police arrive soon, and the robbers try to leave. Mercedes is livid to see them missing, knowing she has lost her upper hand.


Mercedes knows Gitano very well and asks the name of the person behind this job. He does not give Sole up, but Mercedes thinks it is Rogelio. Mercedes meets with Duque and offers him a deal. She tells Duque about the port deal in Africa and says she is ready to implicate Sole if Duque lets it go. He agrees, so Sole also asks Poli and the others to do the job in Paris and steal the vase.

Episode Review

Overall, this episode was disappointing as any development in implicating any characters ends fruitlessly. The dynamic between Fernan and Sole has wholly died down as well. They started with great chemistry, but now, the exchanges are bitter and look falsified whenever they are together. Let’s get it over with.

“Why else would you watch the show if the robbery, planned so painstakingly with possible casualties, is negated “depending on the judge assigned?” – Anonymous