The sixth episode of Sky High takes the audience on a thrilling ride as the group successfully executes a robbery. With stunning performances by the cast, the episode delves deeper into the complex relationships between parents and children, highlighting their bonds, betrayals, and secrets. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the events of the episode and analyze the storytelling.


In this episode, Sole plays a small part in the robbery while Poli and Motos execute the central heist. Tono stays with Fernan, who is recovering from an infection caused by a bullet wound. Fernan suspects Rogelio of cloning his phone, which is later revealed to be true. Rosa suspects Rogelio of being Marta’s father and takes a DNA sample to confirm it. Mercedes pushes Sole to include Rogelio in the port deal, and Fernan challenges Poli to a heist. Sole and Fernan declare their love for each other and prepare to leave for Lagos to close the port deal. Rosa discovers a video revealing the truth about Estrella’s death, and Ferran is shown as the killer.



The episode explores the complexities of relationships between parents and children. Fernan owes his life to Rogelio, but he also owes Sole for saving his life. He struggles to balance his loyalties to both of them. Rosa’s lies about Marta’s father create tension in their relationship, leading to Marta’s decision to leave the house. The love-hate relationship between Sole and Fernan is tested throughout the episode, culminating in their declaration of love for each other.


The episode’s storytelling has received mixed reviews. While the heist scenes are executed well, the execution of the overall story has been criticized for being poor and meddled. The questions about why something happens in Sky High are “sky high” now, and the narrative has lost its joy and thrill. The French police’s sudden change in personnel and the timing of Rosa’s video discovery are questionable.


In conclusion, episode 6 of Sky High is an intense and emotional ride highlighting the complexities of relationships between parents and children. While the execution of the story has received criticism, the cast’s performances shine through, making it a must-watch episode for fans of the show.